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    Hi, I'm new here, I've been on the internet ABDL community for a while and I've lurked around on this site for a while, figure I'd put in my input, experience and stories. I'm 20, I'm ABDL, I have a girlfriend who doesnt know about this side of me, but I think she'll be open to it when I break it to her on December 21st.

    More about me, I've been into diapers my entire life, even after potty training my mom would leave me in the church nursery with the other babies while she went to her bible study, and the other ladies would all tease me while I would dream about being a baby and getting the attention they did. Later on, I started to have reoccuring dreams about a lady kidnapping me from a grocery store and forcing me into diapers. So built up my courage, I saved my money and went out and got some when I was 12. Ever since that first wetting I've been crazy for it. Anyways if you want to talk I'll respond.
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    Welcome to the site, nice to meet you, I been in to nappies since I was 6, welcome to the site. how come u taking so long to tell her? well thanks for your post your not the only one that has had dreams like that hehe hugs
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    So I had something odd happen today, one of friends, sparky said WHAZZAP?! at the end of the night at my magic Tournament, and I dont really say it ever besides this post, so if you're reading this sparky, talk to me!

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    Default what's a magic tournament? Are you into magic? That would certainly be cool!

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