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    Can anyone shed a little insight as to what ways a laptop can connect to the Internet? I might be getting a laptop for Christmas or my birthday, if I'm lucky, but I need to know how it'll be able to connect to the Internet.

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    I have a laptop, I absolutely love it, I doubt I'll ever go back to a desktop. Anyway, here's how I connect to the internet. I have cable high speed at my apartment and DSL at my office. At both places I have a wireless capable router and my laptop has a wireless card. Whether I am at the office or at home, my laptop recognizes the network and connects wirelessly at 54 Mbps. Both routers have the ports available to hook up an ethernet cord to the computer and my laptop can use an ethernet cord and connect that way. Personally, I only use the cord when I'm buying something and sending my credit card info or something, and I switch off the wireless as my laptop has an external switch to turn the wireless on and off. This probably isn't necessary, but it makes me feel better.

    Speed is excellent, I can download quickly, watch youtube and even streaming South Park Episodes without interruption. The wireless works great, I get it anywhere in my apartment - I can even just sit out on the deck and be on the internet. Most routers these days seem to have wireless capability and they are fairly inexpensive, the linksys one I use at home only cost about $60 and it works great, it can support several computers.

    One thing I strongly recommend with a wireless router is that you password protect it. Otherwise any neighbors close enough can get on it and if they are heavy downloaders it can really affect your speed. It wasn't hard to password protect mine, which I did as I live in a large apartment complex.

    If for some reason you have dial up, disregard this message and get high speed.

    Hope this helps and I hope you get your laptop Maverick.

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