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    So I really want a pair for my little wardrobe. Any opinions on who makes ones that closest resemble like Oshkosh bgosh or kids ones?

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    I went on jcpenney - Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Boy's & Girl's Clothing, Furniture - jcpenney and typed in overalls and did a seach. They have all types and some resemble the old Oshcosh bgosh overalls.

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    They're more expensive than I'd have thought ... Super Mario look will cost ya

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    You have two main choices: Look into the thrift stores such as goodwill and pick up the real osh gosh overalls.... (will take some time) or buy dickies brand overalls which is a close match. dickies brand overalls is the primary overall all stores online carry. Walmart sells them in the 30+ dollar range and is probably your cheapest web site to buy them. You can then take some iron ons and customize them to make them childish. If you know someone they could even add all sorts of stuff... pamperchu had his customized and they are really sweet...

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    got these at walmart - in the women's dept. buy them a bit big, then print your own iron on's to make them look like whatever you want.

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    There are lots of Disney and Looney Tunes themed overalls on eBay. You can find them under women's clothing.

    Here's a pair of Winnie and Tigger overalls that I purchased on eBay recently:

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    Try BB King, Pointer brand Made in the USA they look pretty cool, but a bit unadorned, shortalls, coveralls, jeans and the like.. really close to the original osh kosh. I've used em for years for those and jeans both.. they hold up better than Levis or Wranglers

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    Ebay is the way to go. Look under womens overalls you will find cute ones with winnie the pooh and looney tunes and some with snoopy on them. I found a blue cord pair with winnie the pooh under 20.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pipsqueak View Post
    I found a blue cord pair with winnie the pooh under 20.
    Do they have Tigger and Piglet on them? I might have the same pair.

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    No it's just pooh. I would like to see a pic of what yours looks like.

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