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Thread: Which diapers should i get?

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    Default Which diapers should i get?

    Hi, im Jacob. Ok, so I have decided i want to buy some adult diapers from online. I have a 29 in. waist and weigh about 125 pounds. I would like to get either:

    Abena Abriform S3 or M3


    Bambino Bellissimo

    Id like them to be plastic backed, and somewhat thick. would the S3's be too tight for me, im concerned the M3's might be too large. How do Bambinos compare to Abena.

    Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. Also if you could recommend a place to buy from, that would be great. Thank you!

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    try or . The brand that both carry is Tranquility plus other brands.

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    Looking for a little more insight... like how much each brand holds and how big a waist will the abena S3 or M3 fit, how thick the padding is etc...

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    Well the tranquility brand day time use diapers hold 25 oz and the night time ones hold over a quart . Both are a pullup type design .

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    I just decided to try Cheap Chux and order a sample of the Euro Briefs, I've never tried those

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    Best idea is find samples of each. Then choice.

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    Sounds like an idea. I have heard of them and read the reviews , but if I had orderd them ( being 18 & living with my parents) they would want to know what is was . So I have to go to the store to get them often.

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