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    So yesterday, my sample of Bambino Classicos came in and I tried on one last night, and to say the least, I love them! I had them on for about 12 hours, including sleeping, and I wet them a lot and they showed no signs of being over-saturated.

    Before Bambinos, the only diaper I have used was the Depend Maximum Protection, and coming from that, there was a HUGE difference. The plastic on the Classico diapers is feels more thick than Depends, and it adds a whole lot more crinkling. The landing zone on the front panel for the tapes is extremely better than the Depends, where the Depends would potentially tear the plastic shell when you wanted to re-adjust, Bambino doesn't. The bulkiness of the Bambino is also one of the first things I noticed, I couldn't bring my less together, and it added an overall secure feeling.

    As I mention before, the capacity just astonished me. It had far exceeded my expectations and Bambino is definitely going to stay in my books as an amazing diaper maker.

    On a side note, last night was probably the first night where I had felt like a baby, I just felt very young and felt like doing childish things. So the diapers definitely had an impact on my AB side, in a positive way, and hopefully in the long run, I can be able to embrace that side even more, and get rid of the sexual side that I don't like.

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    Hey, I just ordered my first sample package of Bellissimos too, and it's just getting shipped today! This post made me smile, cause I'm pretty much in the same situation you were in! For the past couple of years I had to live off of store brands and Depends, so I'm pretty freaking excited to get my first experience for some good diapers as well!

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    Oh yea, there is a huge difference between Depends and any of the more premium diapers. Pretty much all of the AB styled diapers are also premium diapers as well.

    For me these and the ABU diapers make me feel completely like a baby and it is quite literally a euphoric feeling.

    Back to the Depends, there have been a few times I have been desperate for diapers and ended up getting Depends. Even after average good diapers they feel unsubstantial, flimsy and they leak for me nearly immediately.

    Of the Bambinos diapers I like the Teddy's the most although the Bellisimo are really good I have had some issues with them bursting, it could be a bad batch or something. I also really like the ABU diapers a lot. There Super Dry Kids (SDK) are like classic pampers and one of my very favorites. The Cushies are extremely cute and basically the same diaper as the SDK's. They also have a cloth outer version of the Cushies, just got my sample today and I plan on wearing them for Sleep in Diapers Friday.

    So welcome to the club and enjoy these great diapers.

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    Bambinos are definitely a superior product well worth the cost.

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    I wear for need 24/7 and love my Bambino Classicos.

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