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Thread: This eBay store seems too good to be true!

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    Red face This eBay store seems too good to be true!

    I have spent some time browsing this eBay store and I think the items are amazing. There are a lot of male items, but the girly stuff is outstanding. It all seems to come in a variety of sizes through US16 or 2XL.

    I have purchased some items and I will update when I receive them (about 2weeks).

    Here is the eBay store name: 2011-happyshopping

    Here is the address: Dress, Underwear items in 2011-happyshopping store on eBay!

    So, as they say, Happy shopping.

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    They look great but also they are from China. They tend to send you cheap ripoffs of what you see.

    But do hope you get what it really is.

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    For the most part you get what you pay for. I have two Barbra Tam sissy dresses and both were about $140 and both were excellent quality. I have bought items I was happy with others not so, and some ended up in the trash. Look at the responses and look and see if the responses seem genuine!

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    I have good luck with honestdragon out of china, but again it is a get what you pay for situation singly the dresses I bought would have been in the $100-$150 range a piece but they gave me a price break for purchasing three dresses knocking the price down to around $225 for all three I have some photos of them in my gallery if you are interested in seeing the quality level they are at. They do take your exact measurements weight height and sex in to account before making anything. Yes they do get a lot of trans customers and crossplayers so they know how to make dress for man so that he can look like a woman as well as making other things for said purpose unfortunately they do not do panties. For corsets and bustiers I use rogue roses, for panties, leggings, garters, garter belts I use several different places, but IC France has been great along with jolie who makes great panties, dresses and bras(only for show they have no support only thing have found fault with in his store) etc... Brand slam I use for bra they fit great and are very comfortable I also use atm for bras, they are as good a quality as brand slam but more lacy, notty also sells great panties just watch out for the thong style panties and boy shorts unless you are really good at the tuck and tape maneuver.

    Just giving these example of people I have actually used and been quite happy with, as I have had some bad international experiences aswell and the store fronts often look the one you are looking at where the prices are just way to good to be true sorry to burst your bubble but they may be just a little to good.

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    I buy all of my sissy baby dresses on ebay from dressmakers in the USA or BC Canada. Awesome workmanship!

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    All of the sissy or AB/DL like clothes I got on eBay were from people in the US or Canada, who make them all the time.
    They are well made. Tho sometimes the ones with bids go for crazy prices.

    I got one from China once. Was cheap, but it was it like feel apart the moment I got it.
    Cheaper feeling material, and poor sewing job.
    The others cost more but they will last too.

    So yeah you usually do get what you pay for. More so if they seem to have mass bulk of items.

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