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Thread: What are you doing for Halloween tonight? :)

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    Default What are you doing for Halloween tonight? :)

    So, it's the 31st October which means only one thing. HALLOWEEN!!

    What are the great people of ADISC planning on doing tonight?

    Are you going trick or treating?

    Are you going to a Halloween party?

    Or like me, having a nice quiet evening probably consisting of watching horror movies and sweets.

    Not sure what ill be watching yet although I know i will be catching up with the walking dead, playing on Xbox. Nothing too exciting.
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    Work, yay university!!! Going to GameSoc later though and while I doubt it will be Halloween themed it will still be fun to do.

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    Watch Rocky Horror, and hand out candy to the neighborhood crum-crunchers. Haven't decided yet if I'm going to dress up to scare the crap out of the kids while doing so. Probably move a couple speakers out to the front and play spooky music too.

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    I am going to Denver with a bunch of furries in fursuit and we are gona wander the 16th street mall, then later that night I will be heading to boulder for some more fursuit fun with other furries.

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    I have to work as well... but at least I will get to dress up as a little girl at work! =D

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    Sitting around at home watching cool stuff

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    I'm catching up on the walking dead too just finished watching episode 1 of series 3, "wow" is all I have to say. Nothing else too exiting for me, I finished watching the first series of supernatural erlier, later on I might play the episodes of the walking dead game I've not played yet. Yay zombies.

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    Default What are you doing for Halloween tonight? :)

    Going to sleep.

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    Been handing out candy. It's funny just yesterday I was running around trick or treating (one of my very first costumes was Geno from SMRPG) now I'm the one doing so.

    I got suckered in going to the gay bar's Halloween party. Oh well, someone always buys me a drink there lol.

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