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Thread: Fountain of Youth ? what would you do

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    Default Fountain of Youth ? what would you do

    I wondering what would you do if you found it ?

    Fountain of Youth

    myself drink it and be a baby again

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    Well, I'd like to drink from it and be little again, if there weren't any consequences to go along with that...

    Like, how would I explain it to my family? My mom and dad would be pissed that they'd have to raise me again, and I don't blame them. The rest of the family would be weirded-out. "Why would he drink from the Fountain of Youth to become a baby again? O.o" And then of course, we'd have to explain what happened to the school, and all of our acquaintances and friends. Most won't believe us. And the government or some huge business would probably bribe us into telling them where the Fountain of Youth is, so they could make money off it. All in all, too much trouble than its worth, even if it existed, which it almost certainly doesn't.

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    I'd do it in a millisecond ! One of the things I miss most about life is being a kid. Not from the "no responsibilities la-dee-da" way of thinking, but more from the fact that everyday is exciting, there is an energy, a zest for life and all it brings, that is beaten and bored out of us as we get older and move through life.
    Yeah, I'd do it.

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    I would take a bath in it if I could, but if I couldn't I would drink untill I get the effect I wanted, that effect for me would be to be at about 19 again.

    I would never ever want to go back to being a baby, growing up was hard enough, I don't want to do it agian,,,

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    I'd drain it, bottle the water, sell it, and become rich enough that I can live without worrying about any responsibilities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyjunioruk View Post
    myself drink it and be a baby again

    I'd piss in it

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    I'd get there before Shodai and get a lot of it in a metal thing. Drink a sip every so often, and stay in my prime until it's gone!

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    I don't know what I'd do with it, besides for the obvious, drink some.

    Maybe share it with
    Old people? Dx

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    If you pour it on poop, would it turn back into the food it originally was?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    If you pour it on poop, would it turn back into the food it originally was?
    Pojo xD

    Of all the ridiculous questions _-_

    Besides; why would you wanna eat your pewp D:

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