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Thread: What are good diapers to start out with?

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    Default What are good diapers to start out with?

    What is a good diaper to start wearing? The last time I've worn a diaper is when I was 12. But I haven't been able to wear anymore diapers after that. I wanted to know what are good brands to use and how can you tell what sizes you can wear? I don't want to buy the wrong size or the wrong brand. I kinda like the plastic pants/covers or what ever you call them and the regular cloth diapers. But I don't know which kinds of diapers are good to get and what sizes you should get. Thanks in advice.

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    Choosing the correct diaper really comes down to what you are looking for, interested in, your size, how and when you will be using them.

    Lets start with size. Most diapers will come in a size like, small, medium, large, etc that corresponds to the measurement of your waist. The measurement is the important number because not all diapers are the same. It is best to stick with a size that is well inside the range. So for example, if you have a 32" waits and you are looking at a diaper that has 24" to 34" for small you would be fine. There is usually some overlap between the sizes and I would say in most cases if you are at the extreme couple of inches on the larger side that it is best to move ti the next larger size. So if the size ranges were 24 to 34 for small and 32 to 40 for medium and you were a 33 or 34 it is best to choose medium.

    Cloth diapers will be very similar although I find that the size ranges are usually on the small side. So I would make sure I had something that was the size I was looking for. Most cloth diaper sites have really good size guides.

    Choosing the actual diaper can depend on how absorbent it needs to be, how thick you want it, what are the materials you are most interested in, how babyish do you want it.

    Lets say you are looking for cloth. Now you have the choice of pin on, Velcro or pull on styles. There are some with a waterproof outer shell, and then the ones that require plastic pants. In some cases you also have a choice of prints. For cloth diapers my favorites are the All In Ones (AIO).

    The best places to get cloth are and

    For disposable you should consider whether you want thick or thin, then do you want something that is AB/DL oriented or not.

    The two best AB/DL oriented manufacturers are Bambinos and Adult Baby Universe (ABU). My favorite in this category is ABU and they have a couple of really good choices. There are the Super Dry Kids, Cushies, and then a version of Cushies with a cloth outer shell. These are single tape diapers and really resemble the real baby version, just bigger.

    If you are a very light wetter and prefer thin you could try Depends. I don't like them because they feel flimsy to me, and they leak on me a lot. If you are small you also could try GoodNites which are very popular among teens.

    If you want a thick diaper with no baby printing I would recommend and look at the Abena or even Dry 24/7 diapers. They have a capacity guide that is really good for seeing which if the regular good quality adult diapers might be best for you.

    If you are planning to shop online most places will ship discretely, in plain packaging. The places I have mentioned will all do this. Many of them will also have sample packages for the disposable diapers. This is a great way to see what you like and what works best for you before ordering a larger quantity.

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    Garzilla mentioned a number of options you can think about before making your choice. Do you intend to use your diapers? Is this a fetish-driven interest?

    Cloth diapers and plastic pants are a bit of an investment, and there's the laundry to deal with when you use them. Too, you cannot easily buy them, making experimentation more difficult. If you're just looking to experiment a bit, go to a local pharmacy and buy some disposables. If you're more serious about this then other options become more attractive.

    I use my diapers and want the greatest security I can find - that means no leaks. I use Dry 24/7 for that, but they're expensive, bulky (taking some getting used to) and cannot be bought in stores. XP Medical is a preferred supplier: they also offer sample packs so you can experiment without making a large investment. You might try that option. See if this is something you want, then go from there.

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