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Thread: Anyone into Lucid Dreaming?

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    Cool Anyone into Lucid Dreaming?

    I am a casual Lucid Dreamer and I have recently gotten back into it. I am starting to start a dream journal to get back into lucid dreaming. I am wondering if anyone here on adisc is a lucid dreamer or is into the subject of dreams. What got you into Lucid Dreaming and what do you think of it? I have had some Lucid Dreams in the past and they were really cool. So I was wondering if anyone here has had the same experience in Lucid Dreaming.

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    I'm trying to get into Lucid Dreaming (have been trying more seriously for the past couple months), if that counts I'd love to be able to Lucid Dream, and hopefully, through hard work, I might get one

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    Only when I realize I'm dreaming, then you can change the dream to whatever you like!

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    If I had the ability to bring them on at will, I'd have one every night! Its really rare that I'm actually able to have one though. I'd love to know of some ways to force them.

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    I used to get them a lot in high school because I was so sleep-deprived that my brain tried to cram 9 hours of sleeping into 3, so I'd get these crazy vivid dreams all the time and often I'd be conscious of hat I was doing. But now that I'm sleeping a decent amount I just get weirdo dreams like usual.

    But it's kind of cool because lately my mind's been painting a landscape that I keep going back to. Like a gateway to other stupid things that I always go through first at the start of the dream. Pretty neat

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    I am very much into lucid dreaming! I find it a great way to work through my problems, plus its very, very fun!
    Lately Iv'e been dreaming of tb/dl stuff, because why not? what reality checks, if any, do you use? i use my glasses, since you don't need glasses in a dream, and telekinesis.


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    Now that's something that would be fun to learn telekinesis ... Who doesn't want to be lazy and command objects to float and come to you in mid will : p

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    I have been able to lucid dream sometimes. Being able to fly at will or breathe underwater is some of my favorites.

    I have weird quirk of mine that is helping with lucid dreaming I think.
    Often do I fall asleap while reading, but instead of dropping the book, my hand/hands keeps a grip on the book.

    That effort to hold the book, combined with the light on, keep some parts of my brain awake. (that is my theory anyways )

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