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    Hey there new here. Just wana say hi I enjoy wearing from time to time [removed]. I'm looking for a community to discuss things with. [removed]. This is the first time I've really made this public so thanks for the acceptance
    Last edited by LilMonkeyAlex; 31-Oct-2012 at 06:57. Reason: ADISC is a PG-13 site, and not a meetup site.

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    Heya Cowboy, Welcome to ADISC!

    ADISC is definitely a place to find acceptance and to talk about things like diapers, baby stuff, or anything from politics to video games and more. However it is not a place to look for locals or try to find people to meet up with. Also it is a teen friendly website. So... as long as you keep that in mind then you are welcome to stick around.

    If you are looking for friends, the best thing I can suggest is to tell us a little more about you, besides wearing and doing 'other' things from time to time, what else interests you and occupies your time?

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    More about me when a large portion got removed ok I skate quite alot. Work out somewhat frequently and just recently moved to where I live now. And the other part that got removed was not necessarily outside the bounds of PG13 as its not necessarily sexual

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