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Thread: Long time, not talked :]

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    Default Long time, not talked :]

    Hey, I've been here a while just have never thought to really post anything :]
    The site looks really interesting though, and the people really nice.


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    Nah... a while would have been like... since the beginning of the year. Glad to hear you've decided to start contributing though =]

    Quote Originally Posted by wetty View Post
    The site looks really interesting though, and the people really nice.
    Yes it is, and yes they are

    Happy posting!


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    i'm glad you decided to come forth, and i'm glad you have good views on us. it's always nice to hear the kind words of a newcomer. welcome!

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    Welcome, I think ?!

    And yes, we are very nice.
    Well, most of us.

    Have fun! Feel free to drop me a line if your feeling chatty :3

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    From the replies, I can see my assumptions were correct :]
    I look forward to getting to know y'all


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    Welcome and don't be bashful!

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    have a good stay here, the forums here are very active and the members soft and cuddly (at least their diapers and plushies are, thats for sure)
    so anyway welcome and enjoy

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