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    Hey I was wondering what's the best way to get depends to stop leaking on me

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    Quote Originally Posted by tphoto21 View Post
    Hey I was wondering what's the best way to get depends to stop leaking on me
    Not really sure this was the place to ask that but get some plastic pants, all diapers will leak at some point, and if your a heavy wetter then you might
    never find the perfect product, it also looks like there removing many plastic covered diapers for adults, well slowly anyway.

    But plastic pants is one, you could try and slowing down the flow and pointing it around the diaper more.

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    [Relocated thread and changed the title to be a bit more descriptive of the problem]

    They're just not very high capacity on their own. You can try doubling them up or using inserts to increase the capacity but in the end, a higher quality diaper is likely to be more effective.

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    In my experience the way to get Depends to stop leaking is to stop using Depends. I have never had good luck with them so I just stay away, even if I am desperate.

    I know one AB that wears Depends a lot and the way he gets to work for him is that he adds a soaker to the inside of the diaper. You can get these from sites like Bambinos, ABU or you can find them in some stores. Plastic pants will also help but there may still be leaking if you end up with a lot of free urine between the diaper and the plastic pants.

    Actually there is one more thing that will work if you really want to wear the depends. That is to either not use them or to only dribble out very small amounts of pee.

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