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Thread: anybody write in their freetime

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    Post anybody write in their freetime

    i am currently writing a story called the Experiment and it is mainly about me going through being diapered and treated like a baby when my character gets injured or sick and it has fictional characters i have made up or from my other stories that have burnt themselves out because they never dealt with the infantile desires like i have and the characters take care of my character in the story and it started with a wierd dream but the question is does anybody out there write stories for fun

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    My girlfriend and I write fanfic for Greys Anatomy, I used to write for CSI Miami and Star Trek also, but with school I don't have time anymore

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    When I sometimes have the time...I write for making fan made Pokemon games like Pokemon Battle Network or Super Pokemon World...

    I havent had much time lately due to alot of life changing events going on.

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    whenever I have the spare time which is'nt mush at the moment

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    Oh I do this in my freetime(but mostly I got distracted by TVs,Internet,Xbox,Book). But I really wish I can finish "New Life in US" soon since I have new idea for a story. Just some preview it's partially AB/DL but most of the story is about survival.

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    I write quite a lot in my spare time, ranging from spoken-word poetry to traditional poetry to short stories and fantasy fiction.. Although I've never written an ABDL-related story, I am considering starting one soon ^^

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    I've never written anything ABDL per se, but I've written loads in my spare time (also considering something partially ABDL as well )

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    To answer your question, I too write in my spare time. Spare time for me being when I'm not working, sleeping or eating. I do everything ranging from fanfictions to poems to "normal" literature to *B/DL/furry literature. The only problem I seem to have is stemming the tide of ideas otherwise I end up with more on my plate than I can handle; if that makes any sense.

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    I should but I don't... but November 1st is as good a time as any to revisit this, and I encourage any other writing peeps to do the same:

    National Novel Writing Month

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbes View Post
    I should but I don't... but November 1st is as good a time as any to revisit this, and I encourage any other writing peeps to do the same:

    National Novel Writing Month
    Last year I had fully planned to take on the challenge, anticipating it since February or so.. But somehow, once November came, I had completely forgotten about it Thanks a bunch for reminding me of NaNoWriMo, if my school schedule allows it I will most definitely participate this year

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