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Thread: buying for the second time?

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    Default buying for the second time?

    well im running low on my first pack of diapers and i need to buy a second pack soon

    heres my problem though: the first time i bought them it was a litttle embarissing but i got through....ok i guess

    now i want some advice from people have bought 2 or more times wich im sure is most of you

    so the queston i ask is was it harder (more embarssing , stressful etc) or easier the second time you bought them?

    and then if you have more information about the 3+ or time please just post in a comment

    thnks for your help =)

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    I thought it was about the same...Maybe a little easier...It does get a little easier each time, but I don't think it's a drastic difference

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    Like Pojo said, it wasn't a drastic difference. First time was the hardest, but when I realized that nobody cared, that boosted the confidence a bit. Nowadays, it's not difficult at all, nobody cares and I've never had anyone say anything to me, and honestly, why would they. For all they know I'm probably buying them for an older relative who probably shouldn't be driving anymore. It does get easier, trust me. Don't stress over it, they are not illegal and stores wouldn't be stocking them if they didn't intend to sell them as shelf space at most stores is at a premium.

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    It gets easier each time, although that's not to say that it's not still going to be a little daunting. Just try your best to relax and you'll be fine.

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    It was harder for me, but only b/c I had to wait in line for about 5 minutes and there was about a ten year old staring at me the entire time

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    I feel the same whenever I buy them, simply because my friend's mom takes us and goes in the store. I still get a really big adrenaline rush and I feel clammy. Not because of the people I don't know, because I don't want her to find out my secret! :O

    The public can think whatever they want. Heck, I could be buying them to use as disposable hats for all they know.

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    Was harder for me, because the same guy was at the counter when I purchased diapers. In fact the five times I purchased diapers from a store the same guy rang me up. 'Chad' became a name I rather didn't like for awhile, somehow he even got incorporated into my friend's inside joke.

    But yeah, it gets easier.

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    Yeah it was about the same for me although that is because I really didn't stress about it. Just remember that if nobody said anything to you the first time, they won't this time and if they did, realize that it barely ever happens that way.

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    First time I actually drove to the store, walked around 20 minutes, chickened out, drove home, and eventually drove back. I ended up walking around the store for about an hour picking up other random things to put in the cart so that it didn't look like I was -just- buying diapers. I ended up with some nice fuzzy blankets.

    That was the only time I've attempted buying in the store. Every subsequent purchase I've made online, so it's been much easier.

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