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Thread: Hows Everyone Night?

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    Default Hows Everyone Night?

    My night is pretty boring so far. What about yours?

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    Just got home from school, should go get the formulas I need for tomorrow's test in my calculator.

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    It was bonfire night! So it was a good night!
    If fun colours and loud banging is your thing.

    There's something quite surreal about the night, with lots of explosions going on and ambulances driving past constantly, the sound of sirens always there in the background. Families with young children standing next to drunk teens... and nobody knows quite why they're celebrating.
    I love being English.

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    Last night was pretty great for me. I got a decent meal for a start: pizza covered with pretty much every conceivable type of meat. And mystery soup!

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    I had a busy night last night. A friend came over late, then I had to rush around and get ready to spend the night at my Grandmother's. Then I went to bed late, too. So I'm very tired.

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    I was busy untill late yesterday, working on my new car, so when I came in from the garage I was a little more tired, but it helps me sleep better, so today I just did nothing but do a little shopping, and pick a few things I needed.

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    same bored tonight but last nite was great because of bonfire night and wenting to my familys to watch them

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    Mine has been good. =D

    I'm back at ADISC, yay!

    How's yours, Eddy dear :3

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