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    So I have noticed there are diaper apps for iphones and such to track baby diaper uses and such, so I came up with the bright idea to start a spread sheet and keep track of how many diapers Im going through, i have options for different brands and such also what kind of "soiling" of the diaper, I'm also keeping track of how often my diaper genie is being emptied, I was just curious if anyone else does this, I don't know why I find it kind of fun

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    I did something similar for about a day. Got fed up with updating it though.

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    I have thinking allot about this kind of thing to.

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    I have to keep track for my Doctor, so I actually have a database in Filemaker To Go 12 on my iPad (I love having a license for the desktop version of 12 Pro Advanced :P) that I use to track my diaper changes, along with other health information.

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    I did this when I was a kid, I started by making a special mark in my journal then ended up tracking things a little better I have been thinking about making an app that could be used by big babies just like the ones for little babies.

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    Did similar when regressing back to sleep wetting. Whenever it happened I colored the date red on my calendar. Was neat, could look back and see that the months were gradually getting redder and redder.

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