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Thread: Diapers in australia

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    Default Diapers in australia

    i finaly found a place where i can get not just diapers in australia but also cases and cheap shipping

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    I use them they even have a store front window shop so you can go in person

    only they don't stock abri form super plus no more they have changed there catalog and
    they only have he new tena's which are okay but at least they have the molicares

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    I have been using Vic health for over twelve months. Really helpful staff and would recommend them highly.

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    Hey everyone,

    I used to go though independence australia for my supplies as they offered BPAY for my orders. But since the Abenas changed i've been searching for different companies since that's all i really got from them.
    I recently tried Nappy Land's site Shop Online For Your Convenience & Peace Of Mind - Australian Continence who are slightly cheaper and offer free shipping, which too was reasonably quick compared to independence.


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