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Thread: Wanting to get a dog collar, odd??

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    Default Wanting to get a dog collar, odd??

    Well I've been thinking about this for a long time and today I think something just clicked I went to salem to check out the halloween happenings and saw some furrs there and now this idea is stuck in. my head.

    Is this normal?

    Been obsessed with german shepherds for ages.would be soo awesome if they had a suit : p

    Never had an urge like this until recently like another incident 2 months ago at a baseball game minor league when visiting raleigh and saw urge durham bulls.looking at their mascot like I want it!

    I feel quite odd no feeling like this before.thought I'd post here please don't flameme.thanks

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    There's nothing odd about it at all! Everyone has the urge to try out something new just to see how it feels.

    I and many others here love wearing dog collars. I have some fancy ones too, but I wear my simple nylon collar just as often.

    Do it! You'll either get a one time thrill but find it isn't really your thing, or you'll find that you like it. Either way you win.

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    Wear my dogs when walking her so nope it's not

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    @cronis: Win. Just win.

    @ScoobyDooKiddo: My first collar was a dog collar. It got damaged somewhere along the way and I was forced to throw it away because it didn't feel comfortable to wear it anymore. I now have a collar from

    Anyway, wearing a dog collar is no problem, neither is the urge weird. Just make sure you pick the right one. My advice: stay away from nylon if you don't want to litteraly become a "redneck"

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    Thanks for the tip vexxus, any other fabrics sould not be irrative then? Appreciate it

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    I think nylon is fine. The big issue is how they construct it. When they cut the nylon they melt the ends so it doesn't fray. On some designs that part presses against you and is scratchy. I like the multi-ply ones where they fold it over and the ends are tucked into the middle layers. You can also just cut the melted part off with a pair of wire cutters or nail clippers (it'll fray, of course).

    Nylon collars are very cheap (less than $10 at your local pet store) so it's a good place to start.

    Leather is very popular. Single-ply ones will have the rough side of the latigo against you. Fancier ones will have a liner of thin, soft leather stitched on the inside, grain-in. Those are very comfortable.

    I have one made of rubber. You'll never forget you're wearing it, but it's reasonably comfortable unless you're sweating.

    There was someone on FA who was making cotton cloth collars. I don't know if it was a one time thing or if they always have them, but I can dig it out if you're interested.

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    cloth fabric ones?? Probably way better. The one thing that sucks is I have sensitive skin if you can can get the info that would be more than great. Well check out what the stores have any ways.

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    Not odd, i have a collar!

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    Collars for the win!! I don't think it's odd at all, I even made one myself recently out of a old belt, black velvet ribbon, thinner purple velvet ribbon, and three d-rings for a college gothic photoshoot I'd planned a week or so back. ^-^

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