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Thread: New company in Australia selling diapers on EBay

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    Default New company in Australia selling diapers on EBay

    Came across this company which is selling diapers in Australia via Ebay has anyone bought from them before?

    Enchante Personal healthcare is the company and seller name on Ebay is ilovepads2011 they are selling medium and large diapers in packs of 10 $11.00 or a carton for $110.00. The starting price on eBay is $15.95. They are located in Greenvale, Victoria, Australia

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    I asked them about interstate postage, but it cost a small fortune for a ctn. Ok if you live close probably.

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    i live about 10 mins from greenvale im gonna have a look now and ill get back to ya

    no good like prefer abena which i can find cases of in australia
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    Default New company in Australia selling diapers on EBay

    Where exactly do you purchase Abena by the case etc. I bought a pack of 4 via the ABDL store on eBay from a seller in South Australia. That's the only place I've seen them so far.

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    Hmm... I'm not too far from Greenvale too!

    They look a bit similar to the Active Slip Day Nappy Land in Melbourne sells. Doesn't sound like they hold much.. 1400g?

    Abenas have unfortunately gone cloth backed and really are not worth getting any more. I would stongly suggest trying Tena Slip maxi and Depend Super Plus or Molicare Super Plus. The Depend Super PLus are not the same as what you get in pharmacies... their actually pretty good. All these can be ordered from Nappy Land or though Independence Australia.

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    Default New company in Australia selling diapers on EBay

    Ended up buying a 10 pack of these nappies or pads as they call them they are very cute looking with the hearts and taping panel. Fit good around legs and that but not so fitting at the top at least on me anyway I'm very skinny. If they made a small I think fit would be fine. Anyway I have wet in them twice now and for cheap nappies they seem to be very absorbent and don't leak. I think if I get some plastic pants they will keep the nappy closer to my body.

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