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    Default Custom diapers?

    I've been getting bored with the ABDL market diapers recently and have even had some dreams where I have diapers that look and feel exactly like 90's Luvs but are big enough for me. My problem with the current Pampers "replicas" are that they don't have the same nuances that belong to actual vintage diapers. Does anyone know of any company who would make something like this or some not so well known custom diaper company? I'm willing to shell out ALOT for the diaper I really want.
    Edit: also, why is it so hard for an ABDL company like ABUniverse to take a vintage Pampers diaper and remake it into an adult sized version while not changing anything? I mean they're already making a "custom" ABDL diaper why can't they just stick to exactly what it used to be and just make it bigger?
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    perhaps a company from alibaba, but you'd have to buy a container full to get it processed, 48ftL x 11'6"W worth of diapers.

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    They probly can not make an exact replica because it would be copy right infringement. So they just do it as close as they possibly can.

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