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Thread: Civic Duty gone awry

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    Default Civic Duty gone awry

    sooooo, I did my civic duty. I voted. I will not say whom I voted for as that is my business, BUT I did not expect the long line.... My wet dry24/7 suffered stability issues (Had to go #2 and after pulling the diaper down it never retains its original seal....) and started to leak. I could feel it as I stood in line, but thought, hey, this is a good diaper, it will hold and as long as it wicks by the time I get to vote I will be ok!

    W R O N G

    I voted, and as I got up, I looked down and saw the tell-tale half moon sweat drops on the vinyl chair. Now, it could be construed as sweat (maybe?) but needless to say, I booked it out of there, glad for my dark dress slacks covering the very obvious (to me) wet diaper butt.

    Thought I would share this embarrassing moment.

    Have a great day, and don't forget to Vote! (American Members)

    all the best,

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    Always remember to assume that the worst can happen. I'm sure that this will be a lesson to you and many other people, glad it wasn't so bad though.

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    So this leaves me wondering what the civic duty really was? Wearing a diaper? Voting? Or voting diapered?

    Perhaps we would have a better time of this election thing if we were all to participate in a diapered state.

    Regarding the leaky diaper issue I look at it this way. Once the diaper is on it is on until I change, no pulling it off for something else to happen. I just use the diaper or wait if I can, I usually wait for better timing. Leaks will happen and generally at the least opportune time. Being prepared helps a lot. Honestly if I knew I was going I harm the integrity of my diaper by going to the potty to mess I would just take that opportunity to change. Doing something that will harm the integrity of the diaper seems to just be asking for trouble.

    You might also consider some really soft plastic pants. This way you would have a backup just in case of a leak and if you did need to mess it would help to contain the odor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irataliw View Post
    sooooo, I did my civic duty. ... (Had to go #2 and after pulling the diaper down it never retains its original seal....) and started to leak.
    well, if you hadn't done your civic doody, you wouldn't have had that problem!

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