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Thread: Embarrassing question '~'

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    Question Embarrassing question '~'

    Ok, I have mustered up the courage in myself to ask this question, but first you need a little background knowledge.
    So I shave, I am not talking about facial hair, and every time I do these red-ish pink bumps appear. They never appear on the ventral side of my body, specifically(pubic region), but alway appear on my posterior. Sorry for all the weird word I'm just nervous. Now, the bumps do not hurt much, if at all, I just hate them. So my question, well questions are:

    1) What causes the bumps. I realize that it has something to do with the shaving but I am not sure entirely what is creating the bumps. What biologically is happening? If you can not answer this question just skip it.

    2) Have any of you ever had problems like this?

    3) Will this eventually stop happening when I shave?

    The bumps usually go away after a period of four to six days. I do use shaving cream, and I did experiment with putting baby oil on my posterior after shaving, lotion, and aftershave. All separate experiments so as not to cause any screwed up results. I did find that most treatment I tried preemptivly showed a decrease in number of bumps, but not by much, and a decrease in time it took to heal,again not by much. I am very curious to find out what is going on, and how to possibly solve the problem. I was hopping that some of the more experienced members could tell me what is going on, but all replies are welcome. I know it is kind of silly to ask about this, but I did not know where to turn. Please, if anyone can help, reply.

    Thank you,

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    I've never had that problem on my backside. I never really had a hair problem on my upper thighs especially on the back. I've been shaving down there for years not had

    a problem with bumps and I use only shaving cream. I still shave my front side in the shower every morning. I will shave my crack about once a week where I lie back

    and spread my cheeks and shave after I have dried off. I just dry shave that while whats there is still soft. Also my hair has thinned out and doesn't grow back very fast.

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    You're talking about one of two things. Either ingrowing hairs, or shaving rash.

    It's quite simple to understand ingrowing hairs really; some of the hairs you are shaving get pushed underneath the surface of the skin, where they get stuck. These can sometimes turn into spots, get infected, or sometimes just red bumps that correct themselves over time. I find exfoliating with a flannel and soap after a shave and then a moisturise of the area, generally sends to solve this (not completely, but almost).

    If it's shaving rash, and I have a gut feeling it is, then this is due to your shaving technique. You mention that it's your bum that's pretty much solely effected by this? This would make sense as your bum and upper thighs are one of the most difficult places to shave due to not being able to see all that much! Is there also a rather weird slightly burning sensation for a day or two afterwards? My bum and upper thighs (back of) were the predominant areas effected with shaving rash when I shave. This is difficult to avoid. There are two types of shaving rash, one that's due to shaving too close to your skin and are most probably angling the razor badly - you actually take a layer of skin off when you do this. The second is just general rash that you get growing older and perhaps due to lack of lubrication / moisture (your skin can deal with the shaving only so much!). I would highly recommend you spend time on your next attempt with your bum (haha! :P - sorry being childish), and use soap, never dry shave!!

    Good luck and I hope this helps

    Edit: I also find that having a shower and running hot water (as hot as you can stand) over the freshly shaven areas also goes a way to mitigating shaving rash. It's for the same reason Turkish barbers will wrap a hot towel around your face after they've given you a close shave. It's for this reason I always shave in the shower. Give it a go.

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    Luca nailed it. It's razor burn. Ingrown hairs (which become more likely in regions where the hair is thinner like the posterior when one starts shaving) generally become slightly painful after a few days.

    When you're shaving, don't necessarily try to get it baby's bottom smooth. Instead, get the bulk of it in one or two passes, then let it be. The more you go over it, the worse the razor burn will be because you're taking off that much more skin (especially if you shave against the grain). Use soap or shaving cream.

    For me personally, I've found that I can't shave all that frequently. I don't even shave my face (well, neck mostly since I keep a beard) more than once every three days. As for my other regions that I shave, I don't shave them more than twice per week.

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    If you're not doing it already, I suggest shaving in the shower. I just shave my face, but every time I try shaving not in the shower I'm reminded how much better it is in the shower. It keeps your skin warm and moist, which helps a lot. I also find I can use just soap to shave, and not bother with shaving cream, which gets expensive and never seems to last that long. That depends on how sensitive your skin is, though, so you may want to be careful with that.

    I also use a double edged safety razor - the blades are so much cheaper than the expensive 3 and 4 bladed ones, so I don't feel bad about changing the blade when it starts to get dull, and I feel like it's a better shave. That may not be the best idea for non-facial areas, however, but it may be worth a try.

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    Thanks guys. I will take the advice you have given. I'm glad there is something I can do now, and possibly find out more through research. Thank you thank you thank you! I can not say it enough.

    You guys are the best,

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    I don't know if you have this product overseas but I find a hair removal product called No hair to be quite effective.
    You apply generously, and leave on no longer the 15 minutes.
    Then you remove the hair with a face cloth and you have no hair!
    Very good for cracks lol!
    Just be sure to use vaseline, or powder or to prevent a rash, because you can still get a rash.
    I find using a soothing shave balm for sensitive skin very good too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luckyfish View Post
    I don't know if you have this product overseas but I find a hair removal product called No hair to be quite effective.
    You apply generously, and leave on no longer the 15 minutes.
    Then you remove the hair with a face cloth and you have no hair!
    Very good for cracks lol!
    Just be sure to use vaseline, or powder or to prevent a rash, because you can still get a rash.
    I find using a soothing shave balm for sensitive skin very good too.
    I have not seen a product called no hair but I do know that a lot of the chemical products an burn or irritate really sensitive skin. Most warn not to use on genitals.

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    while ingrown hairs are possible, the lumps suggest shaving rash. i dont tend to have too much of a problem with it as I ony give my butt a light run as the hairs tend to be short and light round there on me, however on the back of m thighs it can be bad. I've found that its significantly reduced if i shave in the bath, soak for a bit in the hot water then shave a line either down or up (i tend to go against the grain only because i shave regularly and it lasts longer), then rinse before doing the next line until the whole leg is done.

    It may be a bit difficult for the upper thighs though, I'm just blessed with being quite flexible in that area.

    I'd also add that its best to pat any shaved areas dry rather than rubbing as rubbing will irritate it, especially if you've shaved against the grain, which wil make the red bumps more likely to develop.

    finally I'd agree with previous posters on the point of moisturising. shaving takes a lot out of your skin if its in an area that isnt accustomed to rough treatment so its a good idea to moisturise afterwards, this should also reduce the number of ingrown hairs too.

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    I can't use shaving cream because it irritates my skin and makes me break out. I just use a common bar soap and a good razor when I shave.

    I normally have to use a Hydro-cortisone cream after I shave a new area. Shaving gets much better after about 5 times.

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