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    So I have a swim suit with that crotch netting and I am planning on using it as a template/bottom peice of the onsie. Its going to be off colours unfortunately, top part is goin to be Black with Richard Feynman on it and the crotch part is going to be tropical orange.

    Is this a good idea?

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    I've used long t shirts and added 3 snaps, cut out the sides.. not horrible but not that great. I dont wanna discourage you and it sounds creative- go for it. I cant sew, so I finally bought one from bbkins, its great!

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    Sounds like an okay plan. you may want to add some sort of ribbing to the leg to make it a little more comfy. I have 2 that do not have ribbing and one that i made that does and that one is way more comfy. I bought a onsie pattern and you print it yourself. The thing that sucks is that you have to piece together the pattern. But it works well one you figure out your size and all that stuff.

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    The actual fabric with in the crotch of a onesie is wider than the width of the netting you have, you might want to take that into consideration. You want the onesie wide enough to cover the whole width of a diaper.

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    I've made onesies in the past by cutting off the arms and legs of old one piece costumes from when I was younger.

    I was investigating in my wardrobe when I found an old reindeer costume from an old Christmas show I did when I was seven. I didn't want this opportunity to go to waste so I decided to get some fabric scissors and cut off the legs and arms off the costume. It them made a pretty comfortable fit and gave me the basic feel of a onesie but I couldn't have easy diaper changes.

    In your case, I say it is possible to make a onesie out of a one piece swimsuit. I will warm you that it won't feel like a soft fabricy onesie so bear that in mind when making it. I suppose you could decorate it if you wanted to? Get some prints or designs from the Internet and you can incorporate that into your onesie.

    Unfortunately, I think that the best way to experience the feel of a onesie is to obtain a genuine adult onesie.


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