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Thread: Internet Speed

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    Default Internet Speed

    Post screenshots of results from Speakeasy or Speedtest!

    Speakeasy - Speed Test - The Global Broadband Speed Test

    [There was a thread for this before... but it died D:]

    Not great, I'll redo the test again later.

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    so you can download the entire internet in what, 45 seconds?? What service do you have ?? Incredible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snapcrotch View Post
    so you can download the entire internet in what, 45 seconds?? What service do you have ?? Incredible.
    Gigabit ethernet to the university's OC-3 connection (at least it was an OC-3 last I checked). Also, it's important to note a few reasons these tests are not very accurate for me:

    • Often there is a bottleneck between me and test servers that is not my connection
    • These tests are geared for much slower lines, and so the test data size isn't large enough to reliably test the speed. The variance in results for me can be pretty huge.

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    Gigabit ethernet means nothing -- Gigabit ethernet is just how fast your NIC is, not your ISP's connection speeds. my PowerBook has Gigabit Ethernet, but I'm not going to be downloading anywhere near 1000MB/s.

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    No, but I wouldn't be able to reach that speed on 100Mbps ethernet. That was my point. And it's gigabit, not gigabyte . 1Gbit is around 125MB/s.

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    AHHHH the hallowed halls of academia, home of the sear your retinas, super happy fun time internet. is that shared bandwidth, or your slice of the pie?

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    It's all shared over the campus, but from my cubicle I'm on 1Gbit ethernet whereas people in the dorms only get 100Mbps ethernet . Though, for most things it doesn't make much difference as there is a < 100Mbps bottleneck somewhere between me and what I'm getting. It does, however, make transfers within the LAN very very nice, heheh.

    EDIT: Just looked it up -- university has a 500Mbit link, of which an OC-3 sized (155Mbit) share goes to academic campus (where my cube is). The rest goes out to things like ResNet for students who live in the dorms. I have my crappy adsl at home haha.

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    funny you should mention this. At my halls, I am limited to just 1Mbit, even though I am on 100Mbit ethernet. I can only transfer Files to computer's in my residence. It goes through a router after that to join upto the badass Uni network. Which I think Is a slow mo Wireless link. Afterall, digging up roads is expensive.

    It sucks, because people at different resisdences get about 20-30Mbit. D: It's unfair. I can get those speeds if I log into on Uni's wireless network. But the speeds are very irratic. Probably given the shared wifi Channel. T_T.

    It's funny, we were testing that today in the School's foyer. I never knew they would let all their students go that fast. I thought we would all be capped.

    speaking of which, I need to do the speed test on a normal Uni network PC and the computer Science labs. Because they are on different networks and are wired up differently. Not every one get's an account to login on the SoC network . Which is nice. They provide a VPN service which allows me to get around the firewall and let my machine be open to the internet! Obviously, for education purposes only. They take a few precautions which you have to read about and sign another AUP.

    Screenies to Follow when I pop into Uni tomorrow.

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