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Thread: Want to buy DSLR for Videography

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    Default Want to buy DSLR for Videography

    Ok, so right now I'm in college for Film and TV Production and it's taught me a whole lot of things and it has already put me in a manual mindset. I currently own a Sony Handycam and I hope to sell it so I can buy a DSLR so that I can better control my images.

    So I'm asking for recommendations as to possible cameras that I would buy to suit my needs/wants.

    I'm looking for a DSLR capable of full HD 1920 by 1080, at 24fps, and maybe with higher frame rate options but I would be fine with just 24 if it came down to it. I want manual focus, exposure and white balance control. I can't stress enough that I want manual, as good as auto may be, I just can't use it anymore.

    As far as lens go, I want a decent aperture range, maybe t2 to t22 or t32 (t-stop is same scale f-stop, I'm used to film). As for the focal length, I'm fine with a standard lens.

    As far as audio goes, I would like one that does have an option for a mic input, but in the future, I may just get a external audio recording device and a shotgun mic from Sennheiser.

    So far, I have taken interest into a few cameras. One is the Nikon D5100, the other, a Canon Rebel T3i and T4i. As of right now, I am most interested in the Nikon D5100, as the Canon Rebel T3i and T4i doesn't offer white balance while in video mode.

    So, can I get any suggestions?

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    I have a Canon 60D that I like a lot. I believe it meets all your specifications, and you can get the kit with an 18-55mm lens or a kit with an 18-125mm lens (which is what I have).

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    Don't know your price range, but the 5D mk2 is awesome for this, I know tv shows have been taped using it

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    My price range is 500 to about 800 max. All manual control on video functions, I can't stress it enough. I hope to go to a futureshop, bestbuy or Henrys (Canadian photo and video store) soon and try a lot of cameras.

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    Default Re: Want to buy DSLR for Videography

    The Nikon D3200 and Sony A57 should be worth a look too. If you plan on doing a ton of video, look for a used Panasonic GH1 or GH2 with the cluster hack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alfilmdl
    So, can I get any suggestions?

    Quote Originally Posted by Banksy View Post
    If you plan on doing a ton of video, look for a used Panasonic GH1 or GH2 with the cluster hack.

    Go for a GH2. With the GH3 out, a GH2 can probably be had brand new in your price range. Of course, regardless of what you get, you'll need lenses too. Hmmm... Used may be better!

    The GH2's smaller sensor and larger crop factor will make it slightly less versatile than a larger DSLR, but there are plenty who'll swear by these for indy filmmaking. What's more, the video actually looks "HD." The video from DSLRs is, IMO, pretty muddy. And if it's not muddy, then it's riddled with moire and other nasty artifacts. DLSR sensors just weren't meant for video, and it shows -- great shallow DoF, but that's about it.

    And no, I don't own a GH1, 2, or 3, nor am I a Panasonic fanboy. I'm an unapologetic non-film shooter who hates frame rates less than 60 and loves deep DoF, in fact. I am a member of a several-hundred-member video enthusiasts club at work, however, and have seen many amateur films shot on the GH2 as well as on DSLRs like the 5D MkII/III. The Panasonics put up a fantastic image for the price. And they are actually designed to shoot video, so... go figure!

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    Default Re: Want to buy DSLR for Videography

    Seems like GH2's sell for about $1200 but that's with a Leica lens, which are pretty darn good. If you can find a body and some reasonably priced lenses (Keep in mind some Olympus and Leica lenses fit) you've got an awesome bundle.

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