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    Hi everyone,

    The big bad textbox is nagging me to introduce myself, so here goes;
    I'm a 30-something male DL from Berlin who's enjoyed wearing diapers for a very long time now. So far I haven't shared this side of me with friends or family and I've only been to one AB/DL meetup here in Berlin.

    My favourite diapers used to be Forma-Soft xPlus M4, which sadly have been discontinued by the manufacturer. The name not only sounds a lot like Abenas, they were basically a wonderfully soft version of the Abri-Form diapers. More discreet and about as absorbent. And they got very comfy when soaked. Can you tell I miss them?
    My favourite diaper right now is, of course the Abena Abri-Form M4, which, naturally will be discontinued Real Soon Now(tm).

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    Hey Derkle!

    (Hope u don't mind if I call you that for short?)

    Into the diapers you say? ::Raises eyebrows questioningly::

    Just kiddin! So yeah... diapers are the main reason most of us are here...! lol! I have not tried those diapers... but I plan to try those abena whatchamacallits from xp medical soon after I get the money from my Halloween Karaoke gig.

    So.. the real question is what else are you into? We wanna hear about the other stuff that makes you... you as well. Like interests, passions, etc.?

    - Mitchy

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyMitchy View Post
    Hey Derkle!
    (Hope u don't mind if I call you that for short?)
    Not at all. The name is a little unwieldy. It's a reference to a german book/story called "Der kleine Vampir" (The little Vampire).

    So.. the real question is what else are you into?
    I write software for a living, which is also one of my passions. Like many developers I'd do it just for fun, even if no one would pay me (but don't tell anyone . Case in point; I'm staying home sick today and spend my free time learning about some programming stuff on (awesome site, btw). And hanging out on adisc, obviously.

    I used to play guitar and drums and mess about with electronic music production. One of these days I'll get back to it... In fact, I booked a workshop for Ableton Live Intro in November at a music school. If I like the place, I might start guitar lessons there as well.

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