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    1 1.43%
  • Less than 5 years

    3 4.29%
  • Less than 20 years

    2 2.86%
  • Less than 50 years

    9 12.86%
  • Less than 100 years

    13 18.57%
  • Less than 200 years

    4 5.71%
  • Less than 500 Years

    1 1.43%
  • Less than 1000 years

    2 2.86%
  • More than 1000 years

    7 10.00%
  • Forever (since there were diapers)

    28 40.00%
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Thread: How Long

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    Default How Long

    How long do you think ABDLism existed for?

    I am really not sure of this answer so I am making a poll and seeing peoples hypothesis'.


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    I voted forever, although that isn't really accurate.

    I would guess that goes back as far as society does, change that probably back as far as the first permanent or at least long term (multiyear) settlements. Diapers are not required.

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    i said 100 years.

    Due to the fact that this isn't already in our head, something trigurs it.

    So i think in the last 100 years, things like Pornographic material was created. Hence the Fetish society was formed. I don't know :P

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    i think for as long as there have been people, they have wanted to act like a baby...there's just something about being young and giving up adult responsibilities....

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    I think you have to split *B and DL here. DL is a fetish, and until diapers themselves existed it isn't possible for a fetish about them to have existed. *B however, I wouldn't be surprised if it has been around as long as society has. I have put over 1000 years because I think that the *B side of this has almost certainly been around this long. DL not nearly as long - it requires the existence of diapers themselves. Even now you can get people who are *B for whom different aspects of being infantile are more important than the diapers - people could easily have felt part of them was, or want to be, infantile without the existance of diapers. The idea of being an infant again simply needs a concept of what it is to be an infant.

    EDIT: Tommy - porn - invented in the past 100 years? I doubt this greatly. I expect porn has existed in one way or another since we have been able to communicate other than through speech, and I would be surprised if before then we hadn't had erotic tales told by word of mouth. To be honest, I honestly thought they had found porn dating back to the ancient Romans, and even if they haven't I would be amazed if it hadn't existed.

    SECOND EDIT: I didn't vote forever (as long as diapers have existed) because from what we know diapers haven't been around that long. Also, while I imagine fetishes etc. developed early in human society, I doubt they have existed for as long as there have been humans. I think it is a product of human society - but one that would have taken a short while to form. I imagine they reach back deep into human history, but would equally imagine it is a product of human society, not being human itself.
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    I put forever as well. Though the DL fetish couldn't have developed until diapers existed, I think people have had the desire to act younger and regress for as long as civilization has existed.

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    How Long

    About 8 inches....

    I chose since there were diapers. Although it was probably so far in the closet that it didn't exist in the form it does today.

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    Dang and here I thought I was being cute and clever and not actually understanding the question apparently.


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    Quote Originally Posted by andysetra View Post

    About 8 inches....
    Mistaking inches for NASA did, which causes some rocket to explode?!

    Either way, I'm pretty sure the desire to act younger than your actual age has been around for a long time. Just look at other animals and you'll see they do the same thing at times, so it's not really unnatural either.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    Mistaking inches for cm
    Wait, did you mean mm?

    I voted 100 years because I think that it's caused by something. I don't think you're born with it.

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