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Thread: Star Citizen - Squadron 42 - Chris Roberts

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    Default Star Citizen - Squadron 42 - Chris Roberts

    So maybe some of you gamers have heard this already in news or some other source, but I would like to know what other people think about Star Citizen, a new video game currently being developed by Chris Roberts, creator of Wing Commander.

    Here's a few links:

    Main Website:
    Roberts Space Industries
    Facebook Page
    Robert Space Industries Facebook Page

    The project is currently being funded through two crowd sourcing websites, one on the Star Citizen website, made and run by the development team, and the also made a Kickstarter option. The overall goal is $2 million dollars, and at the current time of writing this, it is at about 1.8 million collectively between the two sources. The Kickstarter version already passed it's $500,000 goal and the main sources is at about 1.3 million.

    And here's the extended trailer for Star Citizen, with amazing visuals being produced by a modified Cry Engine 3.

    Personally, I love space and sci-fi. I played Freelancer, Sins of Solar Empire, Nexus The Jupiter Incident, Black Prophecy, and Overkill for MS-Dos as a kid, and I love Sci-Fi tv shows and movies. So when I saw this, I jumped up and down (figuratively). The visuals are amazing, the gameplay seems solid, and what Chris Roberts has explain on where he wants it to go, I just had to support this video game.

    So what does everyone else think?

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    The announcement got me excited enough to back it on the first day. Freelancer was nice, and if they manage to add more of an economy or exploration aspects with coop/multiplayer it would be great. So it's just wait and see now.

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    I loved the old Wingcommander and Freelancer games!
    Made my pledge "make mine a double"

    I am VERY MUCH looking forward to this game!

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    I heard about this a week or two ago, which puts me about a billion years behind the curve... but regardless, this is one of the most exciting projects I've seen of late... these crowdsourced games really are golden, and this one looks to be a winner, and I'd love to see discarded game god Chris Roberts utterly destroy the two companies that absorbed and effectively ended the classic organizations that he helped establish.

    I wish we could play builds now (unless it's already in Alpha stage...) like we can with Project CARS - which by the way, is also extremely exciting - but I think investing 60 bucks in a game I really, really want to own very soon is a decent price to pay, and as soon as my finances are aligned appropriately, I'll be 'making mine a double'.

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    This game seem like it would be pritty cool. I kinda miss the Elite and Descent games I use to play.

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    Well, I'm a little late on this piece of new, but Star Citizen has reached it's funding goal, and now it's all about it's Stretch goals. Both the kickstarter and the star citizen sites have different stretch goals, which will add even more in the long run. I'm hoping that they are able to reach the 5 million mark, so that all goals are reached.

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    OK, so update, the crowd-funding campaign for Squadron 42/Star Citizen is over, and they have raised over 6.2 million, 3 times their original goal.

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