Now as a 90s kid, to ME these Pampers Super Dry Kids where like thin white platinum bars of pleasure to me because they were HARD to obtain and the look and feeling they gave was unmatched by anything. Im wearing my first adult one now and they absorb quick! 4 GOOD wettings strong and they are not leaking, the leg gathers inner and outer are holding strong, the diaper is of sturdy design with a firm shape (screams quality) yet comfy and cozy on the inside with a super soft quilted absorbent pad. The tapes are perfect period. They fit me better than any store brand or medioaker brand 4 or 6 tape adult diapers, and the single tape system surprisingly does not interfere with any containment barriers. There were also no PIN-HOLES nor leaks with my first shipment ANYWHERE, so contrary to what some may say, I didnt notice any absorbent crystal pinholes in my diapers. To each his own, but do not let a few shortly written bad reviews deter you from experiencing this fun theraputic/luxurious product. I recently had a run in with the customer service on my second purchase from ABU and I will say, it was a more friendly social invitation than your family doctor or pharmacist could ever muster up. They were clearly audible with a great attitude, very professional, kind, caring, honest, and helpful staff. This is who really answers when you reach ABUniverse customer service. Quality Product sold by Quality people.