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Thread: Is AJ an AB?

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    Default Is AJ an AB?

    Check it out, and then answer me this: Do you suspect he is an AB? Why or why not?

    A.J. McLean dons a diaper for wife’s baby shower (photos!) | BabyCenter Blog

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    Please, if he's an AB he's also a Babyfur. How else do you explain this?

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    Those were both great finds I thought the first was funny, then I saw the video!

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    lol I grew up listening to Backstreet Boys..... heck i STILL listen to them!
    Still, Great Find!

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    Oh so funny, I think he might just be doing this for cheers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElijahLee View Post
    Oh so funny, I think he might just be doing this for cheers?
    Hey congrats on your 20th post!

    And yeah I'd have to agree with Elijah, if you're an AB and you do something like've got a lot of balls...errrm...I mean confidence, you've got a lot of confidence to post it online, and open to ridicule.
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    No he isn't you're just looking too much into it, no biggie but not every single reference to baby things or diapers means that that person is an AB/DL.

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    Haha, oh AJ...

    Okay, well I don't think he is AB, however, I do think he is a furry. :P

    In either case he is really quite something. Besides, who didn't/doesn't love The Backstreet Boys!?

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    It was a baby shower. I think it no more likely than someone dressing up as a witch at Halloween is a real Wiccan.

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    Thanks for the video link, lol. I guess I should qualify my post a bit more and say Im just entertained by serious implications here...

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