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Thread: Partial (or maybe not so much) gender flip of a sissy

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    Default Partial (or maybe not so much) gender flip of a sissy

    OK so, IRL I am female, but as a youngster I never liked dolls or dresses or anything little girls were expected to like. In fact I used to play with my brother's wrestling figures and actually wrestled my brother (carefully, due to having water on the brain and having a VERY fragile head due to that). My brother got me into video games and I grew up being your typical tech-savvy Asperger syndrome person and still am today. I have always detested the colour pink and blue is one of my two favourite colours (the other is red). I started playing basketball while not able to walk without the assistance of a walker. When I was 7 my cousin taught me how to play soccer (football, for you UK users). At some point in my life I have expressed interest in almost every sport (many of my old Super Nintendo faves were sports games, but not so much as time progressed). I watched some "boy shows" like Rescue Heroes and Mighty Machines as a youngster. My inner child/AB persona is a two-and-a-half-to-three-year-old tomboy as that is what I was. And yes, I have sometimes considered getting a sex change to become male (my mother says that is freakishly normal with Asperger syndrome).

    So how exactly would I label myself? I think, one part of it would be "LB" for "little boy" (the inverse of "LG" for "little girl") but what would be the female-to-male version of a sissy?

    Any help with the labelling situation would be much appreciated. Thanks guys.

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    Your mother may be right about that - it's only anecdotal (I don't think I've seen any scientific studies, at least), but there does seem to be some link between autism and being trans. At least, they both seem to happen together more often than what one would expect. Anyway, it sounds like you have a lot of what would typically be considered 'masculine' traits, although that doesn't in itself imply anything about your gender. That mainly has to do with how you want to be perceived by others. Would you like being a boy all of the time or just whenever you're regressing?

    As for the terminology, I don't really know. LB makes sense, and I guess maybe 'tomboy' in place of sissy? I never thought that was a phenomenon, but apparently you have proven me wrong. :p

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    As a male to female sissy with aspergers, and some other related disorder this does seem to occur more in us Aspies again no scientific data just observation from our local autism/aspergers spectrum disorder support center.
    I would not consider those things necessarily to make you male as I have many techy, out doorsy, shooting etc... female friends who are perfectly happy being female. That said it is more about who you feel you are inside as whitefox was saying is it just when you regress or do you feel the need to be male all the time, gender identity can be very fluid as I have come learn. I by no means have a lot of knowledge on the subject and am still searching for gender identity myself though for now it seems more female than anything. That said there have been others who have asked about an LB tag before maybe they can chime in on the matter.
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    I agree with asayuu as another Male to Female Aspie it does seem to happen a lot with us. But I am not sure if there is a medical link or not.

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    I think the short answer is you're F2M trans or 'tomboy' depending pretty much on if you really feel your gender ID is totally at odds with you to the point you'd prefer to present at least as male or rather be a more masculine female. Either way it's all good.

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    Unhappy You Are Not Alone

    I am also an FtM who identifies as a "little boi," note missing Y for lack of Y-chromosome, because I have never taken a drop of testosterone nor had a single surgery. However, other than short hair and a refusal to wear dresses since age 10, I was not extremely masculine as a child and played with Barbie dolls more than sports balls (which rhymes). However, what defines me as a masculine person in my eyes is my inability to measure-up to the beauty and cleanliness of a "normal" woman, as well as my lack of attraction to the more "visual" gender (men) with all the advantages in life. I weigh over 200 pounds and often leave "skids" in my underwear, so I don't think I could ever be happy with a man, knowing how cold-hearted and judgemental they usually are, and would give just about anything to restart life as a healthy baby boy of any race, country, birth order, poverty level, etc. in the world! That is the only reason I fantasize about being a baby -- I wish I could restart life as a boy because this life has been sheer misery! There's even a part of me that wouldn't mind the world ending in 6 weeks because at least I would no longer have the pain of living with unwanted body parts (breasts, uterus, etc.) and a voice that doesn't sound half my age (I'm in my late 20's). So yes, there are other people here on the "transmasculine" spectrum, although MtF's are more common on ABDL sites. It just infuriates me when people say there are no FtM's on Earth who have such interests.

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    Well RobiBoi obviously "people" (and by extension "they") are not always right. I seem to be a tad more masculine than you, but I joined this site because I identify as a 2.5-3y.o. tomboy/LB who likes to wear diapers, drink from bottles and/or sippy cups, suck on pacifiers, watch children's TV shows including those whose target audience is young "real" boys, and play with toys, including marketed to young "real" boys. So that's who I am...

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    I am an M to F aspie and a researcher. I had long suspected that the incidence of ASD among the trans community is high, but last year I attended World Professional Association for Transgender Health and ASD diagnosis and research currently occurring through out the world was a big topic in a number of presentations. Two presentations particularly were the most interesting. a pair of researcher from Holland working with a certain segment of F to M when questioned indicated that more than 40% were ASD, another research from Italy when asked indicated that the incidence of ASD identified individuals in the transgender community very conservatively exceeds 10%. The normal distribution in a population is some place around 1%.
    Gender and sexuality is not entirely fixed, and can change. I would go with LB as I identify as LG some of the time.

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    I'm FtM trans (pre-surgery but on hormones) but as I'm not AB, I identify as a man rather than a boy. I guess tomboy would be the male equivalent of sissy but LB works too.

    Growing up, I was such a tomboy. I did play with girls toys sometimes but my girl dolls were soldiers and spies rather than models or mothers. More often though, I'd be outside, climbing trees or mucking about on the farm. Up to the age of about 12 or so, strangers would always assume I was just a boy and I was heartbroken when I hit puberty and my body decided to prove otherwise.

    And yes, I have mild Aspergers too, although as I grew up in the late 60s and 70s, it was never recognised. I was just "weird".

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    Sometimes I wish I was flat-chested, partially because I'm FtM and partially because I'm only two-and-a-half to three years old at heart and girls that young are flat-chested...

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