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Thread: Chronic back pain and school.

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    Default Chronic back pain and school.

    Hey everyone many of you know what has happened to me in the last few years but for newer members or people that don't know I'll go over it quickly.

    Basically I was in a car accident involving me (laying in the back seat) my father (driving) and my mother (passenger seat). We hit the back of a trailer at about 55 MPH. Our injuries where very severe. I had a broken back, a severed bowel, and intestine damage (I actually had to get 100cm of intestine removed). I had a back brace for a long time while I was staying in the hospital. The back brace did not work (in fact it was making the fracture worse). So about a week later they had me go into surgery and put 2 rods in my lower back followed by 4 screws to hold it in place along my l2 - l4 vertebrae. 9 months later I had the rods and screws removed. Ever since then I have had lower back pain.

    My question is how can I distract myself from this pain in school, there are very few things left that distract me, diapers being one of them.

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    Do you have anything that can alleviate the pain that does not affect your schoolwork? Medications? If not all I can suggest is to sit in the most comfortable position possible and keep focused on your work as much as possible and try to ignore the pain.

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    I have muscle relaxers but they don't do much at all. there isn't really a comfortable position to be in :/

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    Have you discussed with your doctors attending a pain clinic? The can provide medications and other therapies that your primary care physician, and surgeons may not be aware of.

    You're not alone though as I too have dealt with chronic pain for years and some days it's a real challenge to want to do anything.

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