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    New member.
    Happy DL all my life, but with a little unexplored AB side!!

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    Welcome to ADISC! Im Sure you'l love it here, there's so many friendly people for you to meet ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLBIG View Post
    New member.
    Happy DL all my life, but with a little unexplored AB side!!
    Heya DLBIG, Welcome to ADISC!

    Trust me... you will explore your AB side before too long around here. Whether it is something you become more interested in or not is up to you, but this site does have kinda a reputation. "ADISC: Where DL's become AB's and AB's become Babyfurs."

    Hehe... just kidding... kinda.

    Anyway, tell us a little more about yourself. What kinds of things occupy your time besides diapers? Any hobbies, favorite types of music, movies, books, TV shows... etc etc.

    (Psst... one last thing.. this is a teen friendly website, so please do not mention any 18+ websites anywhere on the forum. Thanks)

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    DL (comfort and fetish object) since probably all my life.
    Told my wife only when I discovered through WEB that I wasn't alone... So probably normal with my own special desires!
    Took a while for her to accept it -- normal!, never judged me, now accepts it... Good, happy...!
    I'm from Canada, Quebec. French Canadian.
    A business man.
    I'm into sports; jogging (marathon), swimming, biking, golfing, tennis....
    I'm a well balanced "work-hard-play-hard" kind of guy...

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    Cool! That's awesome that you have someone who accepts you and loves you even with what most would consider to be a very strange 'interest' in diapers.

    I will be honest. I am not much into sports. I am kinda your classic geeky kid from High school. Computers, A/V equipment, massive piles of cables that I will probably never use, but still don't want to get rid of... stuff like that. But I do know there are several here on ADISC that are into sports and stuff, so I am sure you will meet plenty that you have some things in common with.

    Welcome to the site! I really hope you enjoy it here.

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