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Thread: True story: 5th-grade girl brought pacifier to SCHOOL!

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    Default True story: 5th-grade girl brought pacifier to SCHOOL!

    When I was in fifth grade (age 10), a classmate of mine, also in fifth grade (my school had split classes and we were in a 5/6 split) brought a PACIFIER to SCHOOL! It was a day we were going to spend time with our reading buddies (senior kindergartners, age 5-6y.o.) happened in the afternoon I think, she misplaced the darn thing and was like "Oh no! Where's my sukie?!" ("Sukie" being a somewhat common name for a pacifier, where I'm from - I've heard a few kids use that term or a phonetically similar term)....then when she found it the teacher said "(girl's name), don't bring that into the kindergarten room. They're at the age where their parents are trying to get them away from soothers." I was never good friends with this girl, and after I switched schools at the end of grade five, I only ever saw her twice - once when my mother brought me back to my old school for one day, and again when we were both 18 years old. Here's the shocker - when we were 18, she was three months PREGNANT! I hope I didn't know the baby's father, and I also hope the girl gave the baby up for adoption or something, rather than raising the baby herself......Anyway the pacifier thing happened when we were schoolchildren, and when we were 18 she did tell me she used to always want to act like a baby (really, her parents ALLOWED the behaviour?! sheesh), but, I pray she has not progressed into an AB. And if she's here on ADISC...I don't want to know.

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    There was a girl in my 8th grade that had one in my class. It was a little strange but she was one of those popular kids so it might have been a rave thing.

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    There was a girl in my fifth grade class that brought a pacifier to school everyday on a ribbon around her neck. Nobody said anything, nor did we think anything was that out of place. I still know her, she's pretty nice. I doubt that she's an AB, however.

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    I'm kinda confused about the purpose of the thread hear, although i guess I like to say random thoughts that come across my mind like the above when i can just to get feedback, although i don't really see where this thread is supposed to go.

    If i understand right, you seem to think she might be an ab/dl since she said she likes to be treated like a baby at one point of time, although you pray she hasn't progressed to become one.
    My thoughts on that are, If she is one, than she is, and there really isn't a "progression" that will have happened, but rather a "discovery". If she is Ab/Dl, she likely was from when she was in kindergarten as the story suggests. In which case, i hope she is on here, because this is the best site for others to find out how they can manage these feelings.
    However, if she isn't already an Ab/Dl, well then i understand why you would pray that she doesn't become one, because it is an extremely hard lifestyle, due to the loneliness and hiding involved, aside from that, there is nothing wrong with the life, and i find that it benefits me and makes me happier. The only time i would ever suggest bringing somebody into the lifestyle outside of just 'being' an AB/DL, is in a relationship situation where a partner is trying to become closer and understanding of their spouse, in which case they are able to be each others company and support.

    As for teen pregnancy, i agree that it is sad when it happens and there is no good supporting family structure for the child, and i agree that she should put the baby up for adoption, but i must say one thing.
    I'm sure that you don't mean to put her down at all, but by randomly interjecting that she was "Shock(ingly)" pregnant, kind of puts a negative light on those who end up doing that kind of thing. Teen pregnancy, though i don't agree with it, is still a mater of opinion, and can be permitted by parents if they choose. In ways, i commend women who are that anxious to raise children, although i couldn't ever do that so early on in my life. I am sure there are members here who have some situation in their life where either they or somebody they respect is a pregnant teen, and I don't think we have the right to look down on them for that.
    I don't think you intend to put them down, but since i'm not sure where this thread is supposed to go, i figured i would put out my thoughts on everything that was said.

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    We weren't in kindergarten, it was grade five. I mentioned kindergarten because it was a Reading Buddy day and the kindergarten room was where we were headed....Reading buddies is when you pair a kindergartner with a student in grade five or six and you, of course, do reading-related activities together to strengthen the kindergartner's skills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by memorychick View Post
    We weren't in kindergarten, it was grade five. I mentioned kindergarten because it was a Reading Buddy day and the kindergarten room was where we were headed....Reading buddies is when you pair a kindergartner with a student in grade five or six and you, of course, do reading-related activities together to strengthen the kindergartner's skills.
    Oh really? Well, sounds to me like the odds of her being an ab/dl at least at heart are kinda large. Bringing a paci to school and sucking on it in fifth grade seems a little out of the ordinary to me. Granted that girls can get away with anything cutesie.(Lucky!)

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    A girl in the year below me brought a pacifier into school yesterday they seem to be becoming somewhat of a fashion (for girls though)

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    In 8th grade, a girl I knew brought a paci to school that she said her boyfriend bought for her. It could've been just because she was a 'scene' kid and pacifiers kind of go with that look even if you don't rave. Although, she seemed pretty attached to it so who knows.

    ..Just sharing my experiences on the subject :P

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    I feel the same way as Tyger, it feels like you are putting her down in a very negative way... There was an article I read that is called
    I'm Christian, unless you're gay.
    this kind of feels like the same thing to me... The way you are coming across, at least in a connotatively anyways, is very negative and better than you so to speak.

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    Again, let me repeat this girl was never my friend.....and so I'm being negative because I didn't like her. And the PLACE I saw her when I learned she was preggers made me just.....argh, there's only one situation that could be worse and that is seeing a favourite teacher in the emergency room, where she can see you've been handcuffed (That happened to me in April of '09 and I wanted to kill myself afterward because that is not the way you want a favourite teacher to see you for probably the last time in your whole me...but I digress)

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