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    Hi there, new to this site. I'm 24 and a DL. I've been a DL since i was 5. I've always had to hide my diaper obsession from my parents and girlfriends. Just recently i shared this little secret with my girlfriend of over a year and she took it very well. She's supported me and told me to enjoy what i like, she's even taken on the DL statues herself. Its nice being with someone who understands and enjoys it equally as much.

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    Welcome to the site totalhick! I hope you enjoy it here.

    Thanks for telling us a bit about you, but how about you tell us a bit about things you like to do, hobbies and such, so we can get to know you better and everyone can make friends!

    If you ever need any help on the site you can leave a message in the Request form (accessible from the front page) and someone with a purple name, the staff, will answer as soon as they can.

    Again, I hope you enjoy the site!

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    I'm an outdoor kind of guy. I like shooting, rock crawling dirt biking, an many more extreme sports. Love being out in the woods or in the shop fabricating parts. I'm a 1st year electrical apprentice and love working in the construction trades.

    [removed] I've just recently been more open about my DL now that my girlfriend has excepted it and trying it. When you have someone like that it feels like a million pounds are off your shoulders and are now between your legs =P
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    Hello total hick, where do you live?

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