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Thread: The little side coming to the surface during stress and fatigue.

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    Default The little side coming to the surface during stress and fatigue.

    I was wondering if anyone else's little side surfaces while stressed and or tired. I will give a "perfect storm" example of it surfacing

    Sometimes, I stay up all night and then go to school and work on cars all day. I get exhausted, sometimes my blood sugar feels nearly bottomed out(causes severe dysphoria in me), and the lack of sleep will really be digging in at this point.

    So I leave school and very carefully drive to my wife's work place to pick her up. At this point, I let the wife drive, as I am to tired to do so. So I take a seat in the passenger seat and get buckled in and it reminds me of being in a car seat somewhat. I lean the seat back some to relax and its like suddenly, the little side begins to subtlety come out in small amounts. It also occurs when I go to bed at night on days like these.

    What it causes, is changes in my personality. Not completely, just seems like a child like clear coat over my personality and mannerisms. Sometimes, when I am waiting outside of her workplace for her to get off, I want to hold her hand as a child would hold a mothers while walking to the car. I start to get whinie like a child over due for a nap and even catch myself talking like a child in small amounts. Not to the point of a temper tantrum, but its obvious all the same. This all happens when I am severely exhausted and or stressed. Sometimes when I upset an old back injury (causes a debilitating amount of pain), it catalysts this as well.

    I think of my little side as a part of my personality and is locked away most of the time. The fatigue and stress taking their toll in combination with finally being able to relax when I meet my wife and she drives us home causes my will to hold the little dormant to diminish. It's like that wall that holds it in begins to lower and the little side is able to peak over the wall and say "HI!".

    Does anyone else find this happening to them?

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    Fatigue, maybe. Too much stress just makes me curl up in a ball and cry.
    I think it's pretty much the opposite with me, actually. Whenever I'm really happy or have too much energy, I act much more 'little'. Although, I do talk quite a bit more than normal when I'm extremely tired. Normally I say very little, even around my friends, but when I'm very tired I'm the life of the party, wherever I am. The talkativity could be considered a 'little' trait.

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    i tend to desire ab behavior less. but after the initial shock (maybe a day or so) of the stressor i desire ab/dl more than usual

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    I can feel that way too. After stressed out some times I do not little out but some times littling out Im driven to.
    Has to do to what kind of stress Im under.when you are doing what you are doing by staying up it seems your
    dropping your control and that part of you you put into a box to be safe comes out.

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    I never get more than 6 hours of sleep and often it's less. It definitely makes me say amusing things as well as creating some regressive tendencies. Today I came down with a flu bug, and there were some medical related chores I had to do for my wife. I was miserable and felt like a toddler. I slept most of the afternoon, and I cuddled my big teddy bear. Later I had all four of my plusies that I was clutching. I felt much better.

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    Yup I get that way all the time. When I am really tired mostly. I get very whiny and clingy and want my binky or a bottle. I get really cuddley too. It happens when I am tired but not usually stressed. It does not make my SO very happy cause that is more a fussy baby mode than my usual giggle self.

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