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Thread: Diaper fetish/love switched me to briefs?

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    Default Diaper fetish/love switched me to briefs?

    When I used to only have a mild fantasy for diapers, I never picked up a pair of briefs. But as it started to grow stronger, I eventually dug out my old hanes and wore them once in a while. Then I started wearing them to school. Then around the time I started making makeshift diapers, I bought my first bag of briefs since I was 13. And then recently, around the time I started buying real diapers, I bought a bag of tighty thities and now whenever I'm not padded I'm almost always wearing tighty whities. Is it me or does it seem like I wear briefs now because of my diaper fascination?

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    It could be due to the fact that briefs give you the sense of wearing a diaper because your not just "danglin" down there. At least that's kinda how I felt whenever I wore briefs.

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    Yes I would think it's because of the feeling of snugness. If briefs aren't cool enough, try boxer-briefs.

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