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Thread: What do you do to let the child out?

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    Default What do you do to let the child out?

    What do you notice yourself doing publicly that let's you bring out the child from within?

    I do the following:

    I joke around, laugh, and sing.
    I use the "force" to open the grocery store doors.
    If a button says push... well... I gotta push it!
    I always make sure I walk through the toy aisle.

    I am sure I do way more than this but this is what I could think of right now...

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    Oh yeah you got to do the force but, when I'm in a rush and forget to do it I get alittle sad.
    I'v not gone to the toy aisle in years.
    I do check the baby aisle and adult diaper aisle.
    I allways get told that I act like a two year old.
    I do pout and, stomp my foot when I don't get my way, thats when I get told not to act like a two year old.
    That happends alot!
    I could tell you more but, I dont want to make myself look like the brat I really is.

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    If I'm entering a room that I know has motion sensor lights, I always try to say "lumos" at the right time.

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    Whenever I get really happy I tend to spin around a lot (especially if I'm wearing a skirt - I love the way skirts billow out). Sometimes I even skip, but that's a bit more rare. Not sure if it counts, but I love to wear bows and ribbons, in public or any time. (: I like to call my friends names whenever they say something I don't like (like, "Sorry, I can't come over today"); sometimes we both get really into it and that's fun. I pout sometimes, too.

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    when the side walk has a curb I like to walk it like a balance beam.

    I also need to be the one to push a button on the elevator

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyMitchy View Post
    I use the "force" to open the grocery store doors.
    I wouldn't call that letting your inner child out, I'd say that is the only correct thing to do.

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    If something displeases me I tend to whine and say nnnn, don lyke iiiitt...
    Ppl who usually sleep in the bed/ room with me for the first time are shocked because most people think. Am too mature for my age but apparently the firs hour I'm awake I start from a two year old, until I get 23 again lol
    Tend to chew my nails or bite my lip
    I'm a giggler..

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    It's not so much a case of "letting the child out" for me as it is maintaining some level of composure :P

    Lets see, the other day at work I insisted on keeping a toy chick on my counter (I work in a shop) and was playing with my workmates who would keep trying to steal it, then as I was working the late shift and no one was around to object, I started walking around with a cowboy hat and a big plastic star on my chest pretending to be the sheriff

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    What an awesome question!

    I go down the toy isle as well. Just dropping into toy stores too, so much fun.
    I like gliding around on shopping carts.
    Having fun on playground equipement.
    +1 on the force!
    Pressing all the buttons in an elevator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuzzyyellow View Post
    Having fun on playground equipment.

    Also, checking out baby gear items on display at a local Target store
    I've even ridden one of those coin op horses outside a store very early in the morning when no one was around on several occasions, while on the way to work.


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