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    I am Sierra, Michael may have mentioned that I tried a Diaper on for him and that I told him that I would wear with one to sleep in for him. I care so much for him that I'd almost would do anything lol for him. Some people call me crazy and I am its for him.

    Love mike

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    I've got to say how impressed I am with you. That's all. And thanks for keeping an open mind about something new.

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    Hey! That's so wonderful of you to do!

    So... what are your first impressions... did you actually enjoy it?

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    I wouldn't call you crazy for trying it for him. I think it is great to know that there are accepting people out there, and people willing to try new things that make them uncomfortable, even if only for the people they love. I hope this goes well for you and remember - you are doing this compromise for him. He should have to give you something in return...

    *maniacal laughter*

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    I think it's great that you're that open-minded and that you love each other this much that you'd be willing to try something like this (Baby Mike, you'd better do something for her in return, be reciprocating). Thanks for being accepting of something like this, I'm glad you're one of them (and welcome to ADISC ), because in reality not many people are.

    Also, so what are your thoughts, do you like it, think it's ok, what?

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    how did you like your (first?) diaper experience?
    can you tell us some more about it?

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    yeah look up at My first experiences in Diaper talk and youll find out a lil more

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