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Thread: Long time lurker :)

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    Default Long time lurker :)

    Hey all!

    Its probably about time I made an official introduction, as lurking is frowned upon. I decided to finally stop by ADISC again after considerably downtime and changes in my life. I came out to my girlfriend who has been accepting, and is trying to understand me, which has helped me to be more accepting of myself.

    Some background:
    I have been a DL for about as long as I can remember, and have struggled for a long time with hiding it. It was something that I indulged fairly frequently when I started living on my own. However, in a relationship it was something I had to hide. Now that my SO knows I feel like a significant load has been lifted off my chest

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    Hey! Glad to hear that you decided to join us, officially. :3

    Having someone else who accepts you - especially someone in person - is an amazing feeling. It must be doubly nice to know that you don't have to hide things around her now. I told my mum about my DL side several years ago (which was a really bad idea - it didn't go well), but eventually we reached some sort of unspoken agreement, and as soon as I wasn't living in fear of being caught every second, things were a lot less stressful. I'm not in a relationship now, but someone who accepts that part of me (and my LG side as well) is a definite must.

    Anyway, you say you've been a DL for as long as you can remember? What was that like? I had no clue about my attraction to diapers until I was 14, so I don't really know. There weren't any signs before that - just one day I decided to take one of my little cousin's diapers, and that's when I realised how awesome they were.

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    Sorry I haven't gotten around to checking ADISC since I made my intro post and I just noticed you had replied to me.

    I'm sorry to hear that your mother wasn't completely accepting, but I completely understand the urge to tell someone. Even after telling someone who isn't accepting, it is a load off your shoulders.

    As far as being a DL for as long as I can remember I cant really say much except some of my earliest memories that have really stuck with me (i.e. around age 4) involved diapers. I can remember finding some diapers and pull-ups laying around that my parents hadn't thrown away and sneaking into the bathroom to try them on. Ever since then I had a fixation with wearing diapers again.

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