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Thread: New MLP & LPS November 10th!

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    Default New MLP & LPS November 10th!

    Yup all the bronies get ready the new MLP shows are coming November 10th. Then right after a new show called Littlest Pet Shop.

    Going to be iffy if am going to like LPS saw the video just not the sound (at work) but looks pretty cool. Littlest Pet Shop (Promo) - The Hub - YouTube

    Anywho.... more fluttershy! YAY!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siddy View Post
    Anywho.... more fluttershy! YAY!!
    It's FlutterTREE.

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    ifbeoifheoqidqwiodj, Season 3 <3<3
    We've been waiting for way too long ;u;

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    Default New MLP & LPS November 10th!

    I can't wait. The anticipation is killing me Its soo close yet so far

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    season 3 is only 13 episodes long as far as I know. The higher ups only ordered 13 new episodes because kids have a hard time remembering if they saw one of 50+ episodes before or not. I heard once PBS aired the same exact episode of sesame street 5 days in a row and the ratings barely or never dropped.

    I don't blame them for only having a 13 episode season. However with it's popularity and ratings they are foolish not to do a season 4. Plus with such a short season they can start working on season 4 really quickly and have it in possibly june or july I bet.

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    Only this can describe my feelings right now:

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    Default Mlp-fim

    Do you know the muffin man? I do. He is derpy's husband. What is your fav pony and why? And are you as excited for season 3 as I am?

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    My favorite ponies are Applejack and Fluttershy. Applejack because she is hardworking like me. Fluttershy because she kind and shy like me (in real llife). We also a love of nature. I am very excited about season 3, it's going to be awesome!

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    My favourite Pony is Pinkie Pie because she makes me laugh and smile ^_^ her craziness also reminds me of mine sometimes. I am ridonkulously exited about season 3!

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