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    Hello there,

    I had a thought a little while back and wanted to share. I am currently kinda out of school kinda not, it's complicated. So, as of now I am going over some of my options and just found some part time fundraising job that I will be having an interview with the PR woman on Monday. Very excited.

    Now, when I was younger I went through phases; what did I want to do when I was all grown up...? My dream job, as others will call it. I thought I really enjoyed photography, but lost interest after a few years, then writing was on my mind...didn't seem to make any money so I scratched that and made it a hobby. Throughout college I wanted to do law but after working for a law firm I decided not to go through law school (I would recommend that you intern at a place before making any big decisions.)

    In any case, I am really at a loss right now. My so called dream job is very up in the air right now and I am not sure if a "dream job" even exists. There are so many things that I want to do that I would consider making a life out of but I don't have one thing that I really want to do that overrules everything else. I think I would be happy just having a regular job that gives me the freedom to do my hobbies on the side, but in America that doesn't seem ambitious enough lol

    so my question...
    to those who have their dream job...was this what you wanted when you were younger and you achieved it or did it just fall into your lap and you decided that you really enjoy it.

    to this of you who have a dream job in mind, how do you think having that dream job would really affect your general happiness. Do you think that if you had another job, you could be just as happy or would you not be satisfied without that particular job?


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    My dream job has changed so much over the years. When I was really little, the thing I wanted to do most of all was drive the ice cream truck, that then moved on to wanting to be a Police Officer, Photography hit my interests for awhile, but it is so hard to get into. I now work at a Movie Theater, not exactly a dream job, but I love it.

    I might be happier if I had my dream job, but cannot really say. I don't hate my current job and don't know how much I would actually like my dream job. It's a toss up.

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    When I as little I wanted to be an airline pilot because I enjoyed flying and was and still kind of am fascinated with aviation. Then I wanted to be a police officer but physical limitations keep me from doing that as well as join the military. I don't think I really have a dream job anymore. I'm just sort of "rolling with the punches" and seeing where my life takes me.

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    When I was a kid it was my dream to work with horses, and I decided that horse-racing was the most exciting thing that had to do with horses, so I wanted to be a jockey. I abandoned that dream when I found out how little they get paid. In fact, same for just about any job involving horses.

    Since then I've not had any particular dreams, except maybe that I can win enough on the lottery to quit working altogether and be a full time artist.

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    pretty funny is that my dreamjob as a child was beeing a king xD, but it looks like this isnt a job sadly, but 3 years ago i did find my real dream job "Fixing Computers" i worked some some company*s by doing so and i know its the only work i wanna do for the rest of my life, sadly im currently without a job because my last boss is broke and lost all his money

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    Always been interested in technology. Even really early on my favorite toys were geeky/electronic. The primary focus quickly became computers and eventually programming. I got into open source a fair bit in high school (won't name the projects), and had pretty much made up my mind that it's what I wanted to do for a living.

    Dunno if I'd call what I have a "dream job". I don't exactly dance out of bed every morning, but I like what I do, make a good wage, and I'm in a pretty good position (technical leadership role (kinda half programmer half manager) at one of the better companies in my area. At the very least I am working in my "dream industry".

    If I had to pick something else, would probably be a trade of some sort (electrician maybe).

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    Well, let's see...

    When I was really young my dream job was to be a mermaid... Things didn't really pan out in those regions.

    Then when I was a little older, my dream job was to be a toilet cleaner, once again things haven't really panned out.

    Currently my dream job is to be a UX Designer, and I feel I'm right on track for such a position

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    when i was a kid i dreaming of working with electronics specially speakers and other music stuff and i still want to but now its more being a professionel musician i dream of i will be so great if i could making a living out of it and maybe i will if i work hard enuff.....

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    As a child I wanted to work for the phone company. Their local hub was near my home and I got a few tours, 400 pair cable and Strowger switch gear of the early 60s was amazing. Later I discovered power systems and wanted to be a lineman for CL&P (the local power company). In Jr High I got into small engines and wanted to work at the local lawnmower shop. At the end of my sophomore year my shop teacher got me a maintenance job reparing machinery at a nearby foundry, It's what I do now 35 years later for a PM company, never my dream job but it has served me well. After the foundry closed I partnered in a welding shop that wen't nowhere and wound up in the local lawnmower shop for almost 10 years. My 3rd dream job came true but as I found some dreams are better left for sleep. Gasoline fumes and carburetor cleaners take their toll on ones health. Still I made and saved the money to buy my house working there. I guess I've lived life going with the flow like the tree that bends with the wind that doesn't break. Now at age 53 retirement is in the visible future and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!

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    So... One of my old jobs (and my infantil wish) is a train pilot. I've done everything to reach this site. Asshole for doin realations with boss secratary - he fucked me out from there (with some OT execuse.) In some aspects it was very different, but not in technic way.

    I wish return. But not to my "native operator."

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