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Thread: Fond Memories of Kindergarten Teachers

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    Default Fond Memories of Kindergarten Teachers

    Anyone else have fond memories of their Kindergarten teacher? I'm nearly 29, but I still have fond memories and sometimes dreams of my teacher, Mrs. Carter. Alas, even in my dreams I struggle to recreate the scenario of being in that room. I wish I could tell her how fond of her I was. The good thing is that my mother was friendly with her when I was school-aged and communicated it to her for me.

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    My Kindergarten teacher sucked. She was always so strict, never understanding, always just a total b****. But that's okay, I had better teachers in the future.

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    I have a few teachers that I really loved when I was a kid. My kindergarten teacher was one of them, very sweet and what I can recall nurturing. The other kindergarten teacher was ok but mine was really wonderful to our class.

    Through all of school until 12th grade I had a bunch of bad teachers, one was horrible and then my first 6th grade teacher was so bad that I would I home crying. She was extremely strict, mean, demeaning, not understanding, etc. just a bad teacher. I was moved into another class where I had one of my two most favorite teachers.

    Aww, what great and some bad memories. I often wish I could go back to some of those times but then maybe that would also not be such a kid idea.

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    I thought my teacher was great. but I dont remember her name anymore. kinda sad. Think it started with a k or a c.

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    I loved my Kindergarten teacher. She was very nice and was really great at reading stories to us. I remember she made all of us students a personalized cassette with an alphabet activity directed by her on it. I still have mine in my room, and I listen to it every now and then.

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    I remember she made all of us students a personalized cassette with an alphabet activity directed by her on it.
    That's awesome! My KG teacher gave us tapes of all of the songs from the "Letter People," which was a PBS show in the late eighties.

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    I remember reading the obit back around 2002 about my teacher passing away, she living to a pretty ripe old age. Can't really say any of my early school memories were fond since I absolutely hated going to school. My kindergarten teacher was fairly decent, however. She tried to make things fun but also knew how to be firm when needed. My mother used to always remark how the children in her class were well behaved whereas the kids in some other classes acted more unruly, particularly while traveling through the hallway when entering the building in the morning and leaving in the afternoon. She knew how to train and discipline her students without being mean in any way. A couple other lower grade teachers seemed kind of mean to me. I still remember her playing an old upright piano and us singing songs in her class. I think the piano was as old as the school building which was built in the late 1920s. In later years when I was in the 5th and 6th grades, I could still hear her playing that piano for her class while I was in a classroom further up the hallway. I still have an elementary school photo booklet from 1957 with the teachers pictures in it to remember them all by. Maybe I was wrong about not having any fond memories...


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    Not really, I mean compared to my other primary school teachers she was one of the nicer ones (kind of had to be for a Reception class) but she wasn't anything special and I've had more memorable teachers since. I still think about the women who worked at the nursery I went to though mostly because they were like temporary mums in a way so I do have fond memories of them and still remember their names and faces.

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    I was never particularly fond of KG or my teacher at the time because I was always so focused on growing up as a kid that I never stopped to truly enjoy the moment. However, life at home around the time was pretty grand. Far from ideal, but the fondest memories of childhood I had were around that time in either my backyard or at my grandmas house.

    There was something so simple, distracting and liberating about being able to shut myself away from the world and live in my own imagination in the confines of a backyard.

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    My only real memory of her is when i kicked her in the shin because i was mad.

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