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Thread: Why Gary Johnson should be president

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    Default Why Gary Johnson should be president

    Gary Jonhson how is appearing on every ballot, has been quite often ignored by the media. Give reasons Why he would make A good president.

    One thing is that he will bring troops home, and as a result, much more likely to balance the budget than either Obama or Romney.

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    I wouldnt say bringing troops home would help the budget to much, if it does it would only be in the short term.

    If you bring troops home then in theory you dont need them anymore so they lose there job and need to go on welfare. If you dont have troops you dont need guns, tanks, bombers anything really associated with war so you dont need the factories to produce said goods and in turn you dont need the employees either. So again you have unemployment.

    Then there is another knock on effect. Those people who have been made unemployed will stop spending money, so that could mean that since people have stopped spending money (especially in towns where the factories were since they would employ local people) then that would create more job loss because if people arent buying things then you dont need people to sell things. So you have more unemployment.

    So you from bringing the troops home you end up creating a lot of unemployment and then you have lots of welfare cheques to hand out. So i think that maybe the budget would be better in the short term but you would be shooting yourself in the foot in the long term.

    It's a sad fact but war creates jobs which helps the economy. Then with people dying they dont need a job so thats a job for another unemployed person.

    I just had one of those "I dont want to live on this planet anymore" moments

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