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    I now wear Dry 24/7 diapers nearly everywhere. They're thicker than the Abena diapers they replace. Even though I've never had a leak wearing them, it's still a worry to me. The Abena diapers did leak, rarely, but enough that I took to wearing a lined plastic pant over them.

    I still worry about leaks in public and sometimes wear a lined pant over the Dry 24/7 diapers, but that gets very bulky. I like to wear a onesie, as well, to keep the diaper in place. My new fashion statement is to put a onesie over the diaper, and the plastic pants over that. I eliminate one layer that way, and still get the mental serenity I like. Yeah, it looks funny, but nobody sees it but me.

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    I wear Dry 24/7's at night with plastic pants over them. Whenever I wear my onesie's i prefer to have them outside of my plastic pants in case I would have a leak.

    That would keep the crotch of my onesie dry.

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    Cool deal bro! But onsie inside the pants is kinda wierd and different

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    Hey, whatever makes you happy, go for it... lol

    I'm not the type to soak my diapers significantly because I'm used to wearing goodnites and those leak after one full wetting for me, so I'm always cautious enough when putting on a diaper, and using it, that it's never an issue with me for leaking in the Abenas. That being said, I don't like how bulky the dry 24/7's are. I got a sample pack, used one, and let the other two kinda just sit there.

    I find I have the least amount of problems regarding leaks when using the molicaire supers. But, then again, I'm also biased because of the wood pulp filling. I find it SOOO much more comfortable than the abenas.

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