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Thread: Hello World. This is who I am!

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    Default Hello World. This is who I am!

    Hi there, I'm a long time reader but newly registered member. I think one of my best characteristic is that I am easy going. Having a less run-of-the-mill fetish has moulded my personality to be a little more understanding of those that are considered 'different' by society.

    Iíve been attracted to diapers and regressing to a baby since around the ages of 6-8. Since then Iíve gone through it all. Starting with looking frantically through old boxes for an old pacifier. Wearing 6-7 layers of underwear for that Ďdiaperí feel. Using pillowcase plus safety-pins. Moving to stealing diapers/pull-ups from younger cousins. Finding old sheets and fashioning them into a diaper. Using a plastic bag with leg-holes cut out plus elastic bands. Finally getting the courage to buy at a pharmacy, but then being super disappointed that it wasnít babyish enough (wetness indicator, cloth backing etc). Ordering online for large, thick institutional ones and real plastic pants. Purchasing a NUK 5 pacifier and bottle. During all this time keeping it all secret in a box in my closet. The most recent part to this 20 year story is telling my wife. This is where ADISC comes in and why I am here. I explained to her my entire story with diapers and with the help of the forum she was able to better understand this part of me.

    I work daily with computers (tech-support and programmer roles) and I'm really into board games, science-fiction and television shows. My passion is teaching others because I find it the best way to fully understand a subject.

    I came to terms with my ABDL fetish ages ago (Iíve never had a purge, indulge cycle) but have never interacted or included anyone. I had the internet quite early, maybe around Ď95-í96 and I discovered sites like DPF early on. The boards there scared me off and I thought I would forever have to keep this side of my persona hidden from the world. I just recently told my wife everything, from start to finish my history of diapers. Fortunately sheís been incredibly understanding and with the help of sites like ADISC sheís even willing to indulge me in my fetish. Because of this positive experience, Iíve decided to join ADISC to try help those that are going through what I did. Keeping it inside for so long did have an effect on me, the last few weeks have been some of the best in a long, long time. Just sharing on-line what you are feeling, to like minded people, will make a world of difference. I would like to give tips to those that are having a hard time and to help those that are having difficulty accepting themselves. Iím also looking to make some on-line friends in the community that are like me. Easy-going and down to earth. I get the feeling that these people frequent ADISC.

    I hope this intro fits into the rules. Welcome any questions. Look forward to making new friends. Iíve got a lot to post about. Some of my current ideas include : where did my fetish come from, bullying and telling your significant other.

    Have a great day everyone. Just writing this post has made me feel that little bit better!

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    Hey hey Fuzzy! I think you told us the whole story as far as diapers are concerned! Glad to see you here with us. We'd love to get to know you better and hear more about you...

    Do you like Doctor Who? It's one of the bigger groups on here for science fiction shows. I also like Futurama although that is a bit different.

    I hope things are going well with your wife? Mine doesn't understand it and I think I explain it better than anyone on the forums. (Yeah I am that awesome!)


    Welcome again!

    - Mitchy

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyMitchy View Post
    Do you like Doctor Who? ... I also like Futurama ...
    I used to watch Doctor Who when I was very young. The theme music scared the heck out of me. Only recently got into the re-boot, which I absolutely love. Futurama is also is one of my favourites. Favourite character at the moment is Bender.

    Quote Originally Posted by BabyMitchy View Post
    I hope things are going well with your wife?
    I will detail the whole story at some point, but yes things are going incredibly well. I've finally been 100% honest with her. There are still small moments of "It hurt that you didn't tell me before", but that is understandable.

    Your avatar icon, 7th guest, possibly one of the best games of all time and one of my favourites along with Myst.

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    Yep... I am a retro gamer. Always good to meet someone that remembers the good stuff!!!!!! I have a lot of pics of my games and stuff in my photo album. Well.. some pics anyways. I am working on a youtube show right now with all kinds of special effects!

    Yeah, Doctor Who is pretty good, if you have netflix you can pretty much watch the whole thing. (the newer ones that is)

    Myst was a classic also. I wasn't very good at it though. lol. I was better at Shivers.

    Oh yeah I like Bender, my favorite is the episode where he is lost in space and he becomes "God" to a bunch of little people living on him....

    Gotta love the Professor..

    [Fry is presented with an egg-sized pill which will allow him to withstand the pressure underwater.]
    Fry: Are you crazy? I can't swallow that.
    Professor Farnsworth: Well, then good news! It's a suppository!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyMitchy View Post
    Yep... I am a retro gamer.
    I love retro gaming, especially text based ones. But also enjoy early console emulation.

    I love the Futurama fountain of youth episode... for obvious reasons. But the stages of Dr. Zoidberg, combined with the stages of the Professor, are hilarious.

    I'm sure its been brought up before, but talking about that episode has made me think of my favourite TNG episode, Rascals. That's the one where Picard, Ro, Keiko and Guinan all get turned back into children.

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