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Thread: Poll: Glasses or Contacts?

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    Default Poll: Glasses or Contacts?

    So its a pretty known fact that glasses are annoying yet some prefer them. Others think they are a nucance by the fact they get smudges are lost easily get sit on. On the other hand some like me are afraid to try contacts because of stabbing an eyeball with your fingers...

    So the question is..what do you lenses or glasses?

    Also what if you can think of any.pros and cons for you??

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    Contacts and the trades don't mix, dust grit & chips can get under them and fester, plus you will still need to wear safety glasses over them in most shops. I wear script poly safety glasses all the time.

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    I wear and prefer glasses. They suit me better fashion wise and are more comfortable for me that contacts. They also provide clearer vision, at least from my perspective. They also last longer and they become a part of who you are. I have a John Lennon style pair and a tortoise shell boxy hipster pair. I love them.

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    Glasses. Too many horror stories about contacts,(One involving solvents fuming and welding them to the fellow's eyes...twice.[Mother worked with said person]) and the idea of placing fine pieces of plastic in my occular orifice is just...bad, in my opinion that is.

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    Where's the poll? You expect me to post a REPLY???


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    I've never seen Huratio make a quippy comment just before the opening credits and then pop in his contacts.



    That being said, I have never used either (besides some sunglasses). I am the only person in my family with 20/20 vision. Even my extended family. All four grandparents, both parents, and my brother all wear glasses or contacts, but not me. YAY!

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