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Thread: Voting Lines & Diapers

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    Default Voting Lines & Diapers

    Did the same thought cross anyone else's mind? I saw a news article this morning showing people standing in a voting line for hours in the rain. Immediately I thought of how a diaper would be so practical on such an occasion. You figure, most of these people have downed a few cups of coffee (at least) to get their motors running before heading out to the polling places. Now couple that with standing in a chilly rain for hours. You know the bladder can only hold out so long hearing those raindrops coming down all around you. Started to wonder how many of them wished they were wearing, so as to be able to endure the wait much longer in relative comfort. Wondered too, how many of them might actually have been wearing and so were well prepared for the long wait.

    Bottom line: If you expect to be in a voting line for any length of time, especially in the rain, don't leave home without a diaper!


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    haha. i always think about this when people are waiting in extremely lines for something.

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    Long lines... traffic jams... anything like that.

    The early voting lines were 2-4 hours long around here... you'd better believe that LuvsGurl & I were both diapered.

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    That is actually a very good point, I am always suprised to see the sheer amount of people who use nappies for practical usage, although I think it would be useful here I don't see how nappies are much more practical than toilets in alot of situations.


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    I plan on voting while on my way to work tomorrow morning. So I won't be diapered. I should have no problem holding it though. As long as I don't fall asleep.

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    I hope nothing bad happens, I plan on voting tomorrow morning before class...I guess I should double check and see when the polls open so I can get there early...

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    Everyone keep in mind...If you get in line close to when polls are closing...Don't leave because you don't think you will make it in time...As long as you're in line, you can still vote, even if the polls are technically closed

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    If I could vote, I would work up the courage to wear one in case I had to wait.

    Of course, I can't vote. So when I can, I'll figure that plan out when the time comes.

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    I hadn't exactly thought about lines, but I saw on the news today that states that have early voting have some pretty long lines, like 4+ hours and I know I can't usually hold it quite that long, if I thought the lines here would be like that, I would certainly consider wearing one, though I doubt I'll have to wait more than an hour.

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