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Thread: Wierd/creepy diaper/baby vids?

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    Default Wierd/creepy diaper/baby vids?

    I just saw this video...
    CHANGE ME MAYBE (Call Me Maybe Parody) - YouTube
    Anyone else seen something like this that's so just... Dafuq did i just watch kinda thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoakedGoodnites View Post
    Dafuq did i just watch
    Sums up my thoughts on that video pretty well actually. :|

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    Nasty. It is literally wrong in so many ways. Perhaps this is why there are so many dislikes.

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    I'm going to buck the trend and thought it was hilariously cute in an odd way

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    Just plain awful, but at the same time hilarious. Gotta wonder how people come up with this kind of thing.

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    5 seconds in, screw that.

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    Rather than being disturbed by it, I just filed it under "utter and complete waste of time".

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    What did I just watch? Why did I sit through the entire video is a better question.

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